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Anime Slayers


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I saw volume one of Slayers and it totally sucked. Now I heard it gets better after a few episodes, but it was so stupid. And Lina Inverse is the most annoying anime twit that there is. Oh yeah, and don't EVER watch Lost Universe, either. I couldn't even finish watching the first volume. Way big waste of money there..
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Its hard to say it all depends on if you're interested in this kind of anime ex. plot, setting, and the story. The graphics aint that bad ....... Lets just say it doesn't deserve Best anime award from my point of view ......... But thats just my opinion.....

:naughty: :demon: Peace!!!:mrt: :therock:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shyguy [/i]
[B][SIZE=1]I love Slayers! It is very funny, and I think Lina Inverse is really cool. The show can get pretty silly sometimes, but that happens in almost all anime.[/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE]
Finally someone who said it didn't suck!I love it also:blulaugh:
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