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    I can't believe I've never changed this since I joined. Amazing.
  1. Posthumous

    Gaming GEEK SPEAK: Mail Online or Mail Client?

    [SIZE="1"]I also enjoy the features of Gmail moreso than I did with my old e-mail services. I had started using the service when it first came out, and I haven't looked back since. The fact that I don't have to fiddle around and delete old e-mails to free up space is also great. As John has already mention, with the Gmail Notifier, it's much easier to find that you have an e-mail, instead of having to go to the page through a browser and refreshing ever so-and-so to see if you have an important e-mail. The ability to search all of my e-mails by using a keyword is probably my favorite part of Gmail.[/SIZE]
  2. Posthumous

    Some personal stuff ((Mature conversation))

    [SIZE="1"]I've been told that it's better to shave pubic hairs with a woman's razor, so I'd suggest getting some of those so you don't go and cut your penis again. Then again, what the hell, are there hairs growing out of there?... If it gets long, trim it down with a scissor before starting to shave. It would probably be easier (and less painful) if you do it in the shower with water running over after you take each swipe. I've noticed that I keep going over one area because I believe there is still hair there, although it is just hair that is cut but did not go on the razor.[/SIZE]
  3. Posthumous

    Coming to America

    [SIZE="1"]Man, I clicked into here hoping this was about the old Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. I was sorely dissapointed. These kinds of television shows have become the trend, and they're one of the reasons I've strayed away from watching television. What happened to the good old days of kicking back and watching [i]The Cosby Show[/i] or [i]The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air[/i]? These shows were fantastic and really entertaining, but all you have now is watching some people go through their actual lives, and it's quite annoying. It seems that television corporations believe that for every one person who doesn't give a damn if "Posh" is getting a manicure, there are legions that do. You know it's a sad day when an average footballer, such as David Beckham, is making millions to do what? Nothing? He's still nursing his "injury", albeit playing in a friendly match. Okay, so he can pass the ball and shoot? What else can he do? He can't dribble, can't shoot with his off-foot, and doesn't have any speed. But, he's the saviour of football in the US. [/SIZE]
  4. I could never fathom drinking or smoking myself, but I understand those who do. Some see it as bad, although many people I've met seem to be moderate about it, and will have a cup or just one cig at a time which does not sound so bad, considering the stressful lives we live today.
  5. Posthumous

    What does your custom title mean?

    Go comes from the name of the wonderful board game. I've enjoyed the game for some time now. It really works your brain and can get really addicting. Sometimes I find myself waking my brother up at 2 am to play a game with me.
  6. Posthumous

    Weirdest dreams you ever had

    [quote name='Circéus']I've also this dream where I was some... amnseic angel martial artist. Nude. Attacking some hyper-tech software firm.[/quote] Awesome. I've had some weird dreams. Alot of them are situations where I have to save some people. By far, the "weirdest" I've had is when I had to save the world by playing a Go game against some shady character. I beat him by 1 moku, then I woke up. I played a game with my little brother where I ended up resigning :animeswea
  7. Posthumous

    The Gorillaz

    [quote name='John']If anyone really likes the hip-hop end of Gorillaz, you might want to check out a rapper named Del tha Funkee Homosapien. He's the voice of Russel. He's also done a collaboration with Kid Koala and Dan the Automator called Deltron 3030, which you'll definitely like if you like Gorillaz. If you're interested but can't find anything on the internet, hit me up on AIM.[/quote] Del is definetaly one of the best rappers around today. Glad to see others would agree.
  8. Posthumous

    The Gorillaz

    Severly underrated. A supreme blend of rock and hip-hop to the finest extent. [b]El Manana, Every Planet We Reach Is Dead, and November Has Come[/b] are just a few examples of the quality of this wonderful band's latest album. It's been in my car for a while now. Listen to it every chance I get.
  9. Posthumous

    The prettiest song you've ever heard?

    A song that's pretty beautiful that needs no words is Do Make Say Think's [b]Goodbye Enemy Airship[/b]. No, it doesn't make you want to grab someone and start dancing, but it just feels right. Like something you listen to when you're sitting there that reminds of how great life is.
  10. Posthumous

    Make a Band

    Vocals - Captain Beefheart (Captain Beefheart And His Magical Band) Guitar - Omar A. Rodriguez - Lopez (The Mars Volta) Bass - Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Drums - Cedric Bixler - Zavala (The Mars Volta) Keyboards - Larry Harlow (Qrquestra Harlow) Dub salsa for the win.
  11. Posthumous

    Favorite Band and Why

    Favorite band : [b]The Mars Volta[/b] Reasons : There is nothing like them anywhere. They're so atmospheric and great that no band today, in my opinion, can match their [i]sound[/i]. Have you ever heard of a progressive punk salsa latin jazz jungle rock band? They mix all these styles to create orgasmic music that is just [i]too[/i] good. I first heard of them in January of this year when I listened to Concertina off their Tremulant EP. I was just amazed, amazed, amazed beyond belief. It was if my ears were having orgasms. After that I listened to the rest of the EP and thought that this band was just wonderful and I was dumbfounded that I hadn't heard of them before. I read up on them and to my suprise, they contained members of a band a liked called [b]DeFacto[/b]. So after hearing about their first album [b]De-Loused In The Comatorium[/b] being such a great album, I remembered something. I remembered that I saw a Tower Records commercial once back in late 2003, and I remember hearing something about De-Loused in that commercial, like the word. So I was like "WOW" and checked it out finally. I thought this was probably the greatest album since Radiohead's [b]OK Computer[/b] . To my excitement later this year, I found a new album was being released soon. So I bought it once it came out. In my opinion, it wasn't near anything on Tremulant and De-Loused, but then again, it was a different sound. They went more raw and explored areas of music other rock bands didnt even think of. Such as salsa and latin types of music like the Cuban flavor that you can hear in The Widow. Another aspect of The Mars Volta that I love is the lyrics and stories behind each album. It's just non-stop images you get in your head when you listen to those lyrics. Lines like "Exoskeletal, junction at the railroad delayed" from Roulette Dares. You probably will think "what the hell?" at first, if you don't know the full story behind De-Loused. They also contain riddles like Frances had where some of the words had double meanings. So if you thought, "oh the story means this" and then you find out theres another spelling of the word or meaning. They're a wonderful little band that not many people know about, and they don't appreciate them enough in my opinion. I hope they continue creating their wonderful music, because I know I'll enjoy it immensley.
  12. Posthumous

    A Tribe Called Quest

    I love Tribe. Wonderful hip-hop band, one of the, if not best hip hop band of the 90s. [b]A Love Movement[/b] is probably my favorite album. Have you heard any of [b]Q-Tip's[/b] solo work? I have his album, [b]Kamaal The Abstract[/b] which was never released for some reason. Great great album again. These guys just outdo themselves all the time.
  13. Posthumous

    Songs that get on your nerves

    Basically anything that's on the radio today. Some of the songs they play constantly just get so tedious. Like [b]Crazy Frog[/b]. Oh goodness, what is the world coming to? And other songs like mainstream rap. 50 Cent, Eminem, Mike Jones. Horrible songs by those rappers. It's just not like it used to be.
  14. Posthumous

    Frances The Mute

    [QUOTE=Generic NPC #3]The band recently played at KROQ's Weenie Roast festival. They apparently couldn't come up with any existing songs to play, so they basically just made up a song on the spot that turned into an almost 45 minute jam session. It's really damn good and luckily someone recorded it. It should be easily available as "Abortion: The Other White Meat" if you look around. I highly recommend it.[/QUOTE] Yeah, it was amazing. Omar's improvisational skills are outstanding. Im suprised he isnt a jazz musician ;) EDIT : It can be found somewhere on [url]www.thecomatorium.com[/url] ; their forums.
  15. Posthumous

    Frances The Mute

    I agree that Frances The Mute fell a bit short of De-Loused, the general public (people not really fans of TMV) will like this album more, mainly because of the raw energy it brings. Alot of kids today aren't one's to love ''Neo-Psychadelica'' music like De-Loused was, but they'll love the bare sound of what FTM brought to the table. I myself think De-Loused was a better album, but fancy FTM more because of the reasons I stated above. Don't get me wrong, I still think Neo-Psychedelica music rocks, it's just the sound of FTM is more, per say, catchier?