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Anime Brand New Kenshin OAV Trailer

Transtic Nerve

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You can get the trailer (1:40 Real Player) and a commercial for the new Kenshin OAV Vol. 1 entitled Seisuhan at the following site/index


it looks like it's a combination of drawing technique from the first OAV and traditional anime style. Sano looks... nasty... Kenshin looks kinda bad too... But a GOOD thing is they kept the original Seiyuu so we can hear Yahiko's voice and Kaoru's... and everyones :) Volume 1 seems as if it is just a recap of the series. You see quick glimpes of Jin-E, Soujiro, Shishio, and Enishi. It looks pretty damn good, probably gonna do a recap and move onto a new story to finish off the series for good :) It's due out later this month in Japan, hopefully they'll have DVD(s) or fansubs out rather soon. Hope you enjoy.
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