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Request One Piece Banner and Avi set


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[color=blue][size=1]Well, I'm on a pirate fetish at the moment so here goes my request.

All that I request is that I want Zoro from One Piece on my banner and avi and some words (whether it be a quote from the show or from someone famous. NO USERNAME!) on the banner.

Other than that, you guys can have free reign.

If you want some pics, I'm able to put some up (been searching for some for my site).

Thanks a bunch!


[b]PS. Please use the first thumbnail. But if you have a better one, please use that.[/b][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Here's my shot, I hope you like them. If there's a problem with the writing (as there usually is in my banners to be honest, its a weak point) let me know and I can change it ^_~.

If you don't like them don't be afraid to say so.[/SIZE]


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