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Art Final Fantsay AMVS


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i made 2 amvs and wanted to know some feed back their both from final fantsay advent children

here is my first amv i made

second (not as good in my eyes)

[color=teal]EDIT:[/color] o ya it may look bad but on my comp its fine cause on youtube its UGLY when i upload it so if u wana get it but better talk to me on aim at Nogoodname90

[color=teal]EDIT AGAIN:[/color] [url="http://video.freevideoblog.com/player.aspx?fileid=AE24ACD4-0D04-4E6D-99B6-BE4AE86FCDE6"]http://video.freevideoblog.com/player.aspx?fileid=AE24ACD4-0D04-4E6D-99B6-BE4AE86FCDE6[/url] try that for first one better

[color=teal]Double posting, much less triple in this case, is against the rules on OtakuBoards, as it provides unnecessary cluttering when you could just as easily use the Edit button at the bottom of the post. Be sure to read the forum rules in general, while you're at it, just so you avoid things such as this. :) -Syk3[/color]
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[size=1]Well, I really do prefer the second one to the first. The first one seems a bit disjointed - as in the music doesn't really match up well with the visual cues, whereas in the second (at least in the beginning) Cloud's motions match the beat.

Also, the first AMV has alot of dead space in it ... there's too much pause where the music doesn't call for it, and at some places, it's just too slow. Try cutting up the clips more, splicing them in with other clips instead of just having big chunks of video, as it gets boring that way.

Keep it up![/size]
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