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Gaming first person shot


so, which game ranks highest on your scale?  

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  1. 1. so, which game ranks highest on your scale?

    • half life, on PS2
    • 007, agent under fire
    • metal gear 2

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so i have been looking at first person shoter games a lot on the PS2, i have yet to buy many games due to the fact that x-mas is around the conner. I would have bought games like half life, agent under fier, and metal gear 2. i have not even had a chance to play the games, cuse at highschool we have report after report. and in college, finals are this week and next. any in put on the games above would be nice, i wanted to know which were liked more. i realy hate spending 30, 40, or 50 dollars on a crapy game. :help:
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Your best bet is Half-Life if you want a shooter.

Metal Gear Solid 2, while phenominal is all "fluff" and no "food" gameplay- wise. There are far more cut scenes than actual gameplay. If you want something for story, get it.

Bond 007 is the worse out of the three.

Half-Life is critically acclaimed of course and has revamped graphics and an added two player co-op mode. It still holds up to today's games and rules.

Thank you very much.
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edit: [SIZE=10][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]shyguy your PM box is full... lol so i cant respond to ya[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

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