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Art Name Wall - Typography

Hittokiri Zero

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This was something I made for my friend's at Shadowness but I figured i'd post it here anyway:


Since I ended up getting frustrated I spent the time I would spend on one "logo" to create all six of the names =P. I basically just wanted to get this thing done...

[size=1]I changed your image to a link to the picture. The way you had it before streched the OB layout alot, and that's against the amended rules of the Art Studio. No harm, no foul, though.

- Retribution[/size][/COLOR]
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[size=1]I like the idea on the whole, and now I'm tempted to [shamelessly] rip it off with my own friends. While it was a great idea, the names aren't unified at all -- rather, they're floating in space doing their own things. I'm also assuming that your friendship doesn't look this empty -- try jazzing things up with dynamic things in the background. You might also want to experiment with intertwining names (you're amazing at that, so play to your strengths).

Good luck with all that jazz ... I might be off to copy this (and give you your due credit, of course).[/size]
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I'll probably go back and connect the names later, it was an idea I was playing with, but if anything I think we should start an Otaku Boards Name Wall.

Similar to the "worm" you started we would just start with a large canvas and pass the .psd file along so each and every person could add their name to the wall.
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[quote name='Retribution][size=1']...I'm also assuming that your friendship doesn't look this empty...[/size][/quote]
[size=1]I love you Retri, but you're an *******.

Anyway, I think it's a fun idea. Obviously you're very early in the progress of this, but so far it looks good. Hopefully all of the names can stand out on their own as much as these do. The fonts and colors so far have been very interesting and dynamic.

Good work. :whoops:

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[quote name='Hittokiri Zero']pass the .psd[/quote]
[size=1]I [i]knew[/i] you did that stuff! My mom says it's not good for me, though, so I can't. Sorry. I also just realized OB needs a blunt smiley, as it would've been perfect here.


I think it's a great idea, and if you'd like help on it, feel free to PM me. But if you're a glory hog, just post a new thread with rules on how it'll work. Good luck on it.

And I love you too, Shy. I love you too.[/size]
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