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In regards to the geisha style interface...This isn't a request for an avatar or anything, but I really like the anime picture of the geisha that is on the left side on the site, where the menu is. You can barely see it, but it looks really cool.

I was just wondering if someone had this picture and could post if for me, I really like it. If not then mods, go ahead at delete this thread.

If anyone can help me, thanks in advance.
If this thread needs to be deleted, sorry for the inconvenience!
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[COLOR=#656446]That's Sumire Kanzaki from the animation series [i]Sakura Wars[/i]. That particular picture can be found in wallpaper form at [url=http://game.sakura-taisen.com/atsuki/omake000.html] the game version's webpage[/url]. But I highly suggest you head over to [url=http://www.animegalleries.net/album/826]AnimeGalleries dot Net[/url] for even lovelier pictures of her.

Hope that helped![/COLOR]
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