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  1. I've seen the first two fansub episodes, it's awesome!! Thus far it's very similar to the original anime, but with more gore, and more action... and a more developed story line. There's an awesome article about the OVAs in the December issue of Anime Insider, here's a little bit of it taken off the website: [quote]ULTIMATE TRIUMPH The men behind ?Hellsing Ultimate? tear into this year?s hottest anime remake Posted November 13, 2006 12:00 PM It?s hard to keep a vampire down, particularly when that vampire is the ferocious, gun-wielding Arucard, star of Kouta Hirano?s acclaimed Hellsing manga. And it?s harder still when he?s backed by the year?s most anticipated new anime series, the deliciously reimagined ?Hellsing Ultimate,? which hits this month, just in time for the gift-giving season. Fans have waited for the grinning vampire?s return to anime since the end of the original ?Hellsing? series, the last DVD of which was released in 2003. While that effort, a 13-episode TV series from Studio Gonzo, drew a following, most agree that it was less satisfying than its source. Hirano?s much-loved original manga, which has reached eight volumes since its 1997 debut, follows the efforts of the Hellsing Organization?s main gun and vampire Arucard as they tried to quell the neo-Nazi Millennium group?s attempts to take over the world. Simply put, die-hard Hirano fans wanted to see more in the anime. More blood, more guns, more of Arucard?s sidekick Seras in her goofier, true-to-the manga incarnation and, most important of all, more of the vicious Millennium-affiliated vampires and werewolves, who never showed up in the original anime. More is exactly what fans?ll get when Geneon and Studio Satelight unleash the first 50-minute episode of ?Hellsing Ultimate? on these shores this December 5. But if you think you already know the story from the first ?Hellsing? anime, we?re here to show you that the world of ?Hellsing Ultimate? is even darker, creepier and better than anything before it, using some exclusive interviews with Hirano himself and scriptwriter Hideyuki Kurata, and a behind-the-scenes guide to what?s really in store for vampire lovers across the nation. THE PAST It?s not often that a creator gets a second chance to show the world what he intended, but that?s what Geneon and Hirano are out to do with ?Ultimate.? After Hirano was reportedly disappointed with the original anime, ?Ultimate? producer Yasuyuki Ueda approached Hirano and convinced him to allow another crack at it, and even put Hirano in charge of casting the Japanese voices. Of course, we have to give some credit to Studio Gonzo for the original ?Hellsing? series. They meant well, but they were on a tight schedule to produce episodes on time for Fuji Television in Japan, and Hirano just wasn?t pumping out manga volumes fast enough to keep up. So Gonzo had to make up an ending?hence Arucard?s bizarre African vampire foe Incognito. They were also working for a television audience, which?even though Japanese standards are more lax than ours?meant that much of the manga?s gore had to be toned down. Not so this time. With a much larger storyline to work from, an expanded budget and almost limitless gross-out capability for the straight-to-DVD OVAs, Studio Satelight has really outdone itself?and Japanese fans have noticed. The OVAs have received universally glowing reviews and have sold well in Japan?as they?re certain to do here. THE PRESENT The first episode of ?Ultimate? diligently follows the first volume of Hirano?s manga, which highlights Seras ?Police Girl? Victoria?s transformation into a vampire?much like the original TV series. And that?s where the similarities end. In ?Ultimate? we immediately learn how and why Integra released Arucard years ago, and skip to Arucard shooting through Seras to get to a vampire priest, and Seras? subsequent turning (which establishes that virgins become vampires when bitten, while non-virgins become mindless ghouls). Then we jump right into Arucard and Seras?s first bloody head-to-head battle with Iscariot?s crazed, indestructible Father Alexander Anderson and his blessed bayonets; a battle that doesn?t have as decisive an outcome as fans of the original anime would think. Another of Hirano?s projects, a prequel to Hellsing entitled Hellsing: The Dawn (currently running sporadically in the Young King Ours manga anthology) will also be incorporated into the Ultimate story. It?s set in the fall of 1944, when Walter?Integra?s future butler?is only 14 years old and fighting the Millennium group alongside a strangely young and feminine-looking Arucard (affectionately referred to as ?Girlycard? by fans) in Poland. We can?t tell you just how ?Ultimate? dips into The Dawn, but look for a glimpse of ?Girlycard? at the very end of the first episode. Geneon?s also going all-out for ?Ultimate?s? packaging by releasing a modestly priced version of the OVA for $24.98, while making a limited edition?which includes an Arucard relief figurine, metallic packaging and another DVD packed with extras?available for $44.98. Fans will also be overjoyed to hear that Geneon managed to retain the original voice actors?Crispin Freeman returns as Arucard, Victoria Harwood continues to bring feminine strength to the character of Integra, K.T. Gray livens up the undead Seras Victoria, Ralph Lister is back as the mysterious butler Walter and Steven Brand returns to make Anderson sound even more insane.?Kara Reynolds[/quote] The article in the magazine goes on to say that Geneon originally planned to release 2 episodes of the OVA on each disk, but there would have been at least a year between each DVD if they waited for episode 4 to be completed. Satelight is currently working on the the 3rd OVA to be released in Japan in Feb of 2007, and the 2nd OVA should hit North American shelves sometime next year. No specifics though, sorry!
  2. I'll have to go with prison. I would never shave my head!! Would you rather: Cure hunger or Cure cancer?
  3. Meeee!! A Wihelm Scream// The King Is Dead. I made a wicked Gundam Seed Destiny AMV to it, but I can't post it on Youtube because copyrights, and Myspace is being stupid in regards to uploading videos.
  4. [QUOTE=nomad19]be married, after all love IS BLIND :cool: hehe would you rather be a rich person but hate your job or love what your job and be poor?[/QUOTE] I'd rather love my job. Money can't buy happiness! Would you rather choke on chocolates or marshmellows?
  5. Yay, I'm so happy to see that this game is still going!! My submission: "Ouch, ouch, Ouch, ouch." It's allready got a caption, so why take away from it hehehe. ...I'm not going to win, am I?
  6. [quote name='HedonismBot][COLOR=Sienna]Mostly a Folk-Parody style but they don't stick to one genre, they parody all kinds of styles. Great group of guys, very witty but a lot of their jokes only Canadians will get. You can read about them here: [url']http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrogant_Worms[/url][/quote] Hahahaa, I looked them up on Myspace and listened to some songs. That's awesome!! Thank you :D
  7. [QUOTE=HedonismBot][COLOR=Sienna]Another two great songs from the Arrogant Worms that I just love... [B]Proud to be Canadian[/B] Our fair country Canada Is north of the USA Our Maritimes are lovely And our prairies give us hay You might think you Yankees Are better than us Canucks But we don't need no microchips Inside our hockey pucks We know that you've got disneyworld and you keep it very clean we dont have Bob Dole and we can drink when were 19 we may watch your TV shows for hours and hour and hours We'll give you Allen Vick But Shania Twain is ours We're proud to be Canadian We're awfully nice to strangers, our manners be our curse It's cool in many ways to be Canadian We won't say that we're better, it's just that we're less worse Your beer is not too tasty and your weather cant be beat We all fly south in the winter time to escape the snow and sleet We're pleased to say that we've enjoyed all your southeren charms but we get sun burnt when we exersice the right to bear our arms We're proud to be Canadian We're awfully nice to strangers, our manners be our curse It's cool in many ways to be Canadian We won't say that we're better, it's just that we're less worse Allanis Morissette she is our latest pride and joy She used to sing about High school dances and chasing after boys But now she is fed up and as angry as can be she's got one hand in her pocket and the other on guard for thee We're proud to be Canadian(proud to be canadian) We're awfully nice to strangers(we're just too darn nice), our manners be our curse It's cool in many ways to be Canadian We won't say that we're better, it's just that we're less worse We're proud to be Canadian We're awfully nice to strangers, our manners be our curse(can i get the door for u ma'am) It's cool in many ways to be Canadian(its cool cause it's cold in her) We won't say that we're better, it's just that we're less worse we wont say that we're better its just that we're less worse tears are not enough... [B]Great to be a Nerd[/B] It's great to be a nerd, It's great to be a nerd The only light we ever see is from our moniter We argue about comic books and Internet connections The biggest highlight of the year is the Star Trek Convention Our town's not big enough to sign up any stars But we once met a red shirt who was phasered by a Borg (Man, he knew Mr. Sulu!) (What?) It's great to be a nerd, It's great to be a nerd We wear our Star Trek uniforms and talk like Captain Kirk We have our own heroes who we try to emulate I dream of one day being as sexy as Bill Gates We hate watching sports 'cause we're reading Carl Sagan But we'd watch the Olympics if they played Dungeons and Dragons (I'm a Hobbitt! Ha ha ha ha!) It's great to be a nerd, It's great to be a nerd We think Tolkein was a genius and Shakespeare was a turd We rarely get a date or get talked to by a girl Unless they're having trouble with their algebra homework We're emotionally bereft and we're sexually frustrated But we can download photographs of Agent Scully naked It's great to be a nerd, It's great to be a nerd We know the truth is out there but we'd have to leave our room We are the nerds in your neighbourhood Polyester's a fashion statement But there's more room on the beach for you 'Cause we're locked in our basement It's great to be a nerd, It's great to be a nerd We like to wear colours that do not appear in nature It's great to be a Poorly-dressed fashionless Star trekking roleplaying Ninety pound when wet down Pasty skinned pop drinking Underfed genius Yes, it's great to be a nerd [/COLOR][/QUOTE] I love those lyrics!! What kind of music is Arrogant Worm? I like them because not only am I Canadian, but I'm a nerd too :D
  8. Weird Al Yankovic's "Polkarama!" is soooo funny!! It's basically just a polka "remix" of a bunch of popular songs, from anything to Pussycat Dolls, to Gorillaz, to 50 cent!! I also really enjoy some funny songs by a ska band called Pain: [b]Song of the Seven Inch Cowboy[/b] I?m a seven-inch cowboy With a tiny pair of six guns. Five?ll get you ten, I betcha never seen one. Well I?m a seven inch cowboy How do you be? And I?m used to people gawking and a-staring at me But I wasn?t always so gol-darned wee Let me tell you my story, You can listen for free. For seven long years, Now that?s a year for every inch I stand I?ve traveled small and lonely down the byways of this giant land Like a country western Lilliputian too afraid to stop I?m at the bottom of the food chain whereas I once was at the top. I wandered on foot, my horse had done abandoned me And every town I come to?s like a terrible dream The other cowboys mocked me and spit tobacco like meteors Watching me dodge ?em and laughing at my small squeaky scream I went to a saloon to get a drink They wouldn?t serve me They stuffed me in a glass and slid me up and down the bar And all the barroom women gathered round and had their way with me They sang a song both cold and mean ?Cause that?s how women are, They sang, ?A man can pan for gold and strike it rich and be a millionaire Or ride the rodeo and be the best one at it anywhere. Drive a brand new car, be a movie star Size is all that counts, and there you are.? And I?m a seven-inch cowboy With a tiny pair of six guns Five?ll get you ten I bet you never seen one (Yodeling) Now as you can imagine, I?d grown pretty bitter (Although that?s the only way in which I had grown) And in that seventh year I finally found my transgressor, The man who had shrunk me, the worst fiend I?d ever known. The mad Professor Mentley was his name and I drew near I hopped upon his shoulder and I grabbed him by the ear I held my little pistols up and I told ?im, ?Look a-here! You made me this way, it?s time you pay, you gol-darned queer!? And the professor said, ?Wait! Wait! Now you know me, and I know you And you know that strange experiments are just what I do It?s less like a pastime and more like a job Why if I didn?t do it, I?d be an unemployed slob Now I know that won?t suffice if I?m to set you at ease But I?m thinking as fast as I can for a man who?s down on his knees And just this passing moment I had a thought, here?s what I thunk, I thought, ?Where would you be today if you hadn?t?ve shrunk?? Just another nameless cowboy, a mediocre bumpkin Riding in the sun, skin burnt the color of a pumpkin Reviled by the ladies, ridiculed by other men, Nothing to set you apart nor would there ever have been Then I came along, yes ME, Professor Mentley! I gave you a gift! (though you weren?t grateful evidently) I plucked you from your average status, I made you unique You?re a seven-inch cowboy, not a six foot freak. From every corner of the globe folks will come to adore you Nations will bow and throw their riches before you You?ll be diminutive in stature, but a titan inside Because I, your true friend, chose to stand by your side.? Now I cogitated on the words Professor Mentley shared And I wondered if perhaps he only said ?em ?cause he was scared My guns were weighin? heavy in my hands, my heart was low When suddenly some old advice came to me soft and slow: Well my pop told me it don?t matter where a fella goes You can sail through icy straights and misty archipelagoes. Travel to the moon, orbit every star Size don?t really count and there you are. And I?m a seven-inch cowboy (seven inches tall) With a tiny pair of six guns (That?s mighty damn small) Five?ll get you ten (For all you bettin? men) You?ll never see another one (yeah!) I guess Professor Mentley had a point although I shot him anyway There?s never been a gentleman like me and that is safe to say Well, I?ve thought real long and hard, so hard my brain is numb Now I say Hollywood (Hollywood!), Hollywood (Hollywood!) Hollywood here I come! [b]Chuck Al Hashib[/b] Bob Al Hashib was a man of the Nile. A fez on his head and a whole lot of style. Shady Rashan liked to kill and to rob And one day without being provoked He killed Bob (And that ain?t right.) Well right in the street Bob lay at Shady?s feet And everyone stared, no one dared to compete. Nobody there dared to compete. Nobody cared when Bob died Nobody cared to try and save him Hey look away pretend like Bob was never there Unbeknownst to Shady, Bob had a bro who loved him dearly Bob had a bro who loved him dearly Chuck is on his way. Chuck Al Hashib was a man of the sands A fez on his head and a gun in his hands. He had thirty knives in a black bandolier, A bomb in his sock, and a bug in his ear. Bad news travels fast, so did Chuck, so they say. For what Shady did Chuck would make Shady pay. Chuck Al Hashib was on his way. Nobody cared when Bob died Nobody cared to try and save him Hey look away pretend like Bob was never there Unbeknownst to Shady, Bob had a bro who loved him dearly Bob had a bro who loved him dearly Chuck is on his way. Shady was afraid: he paid assassins to save his *** And they sharpened up their swords, Hawked loogs and roared until Chuck arrived. Slowly across the dunes he came on a camel hard as enamel. He didn?t wait for an invitation, He whipped out his gun and used it well. Well, Chuck spent his slugs on the thugs and killed them dead. He then took his sword and he lopped (ha ha ha) off their heads. Shady Rashan hurled himself at Chuck?s feet Begging for Chuck to please let him go free. But Chuck lit his bomb and he blew Shady up Because Bob was Chuck?s brother, you see. Nobody cared when Bob died Nobody cared to try and save him Hey look away pretend like Bob was never there Unbeknownst to Shady, Bob had a bro who loved him dearly Bob had a bro who loved him dearly Chuck is on his way.
  9. I used to be in the dance squad at my high school. It was pretty much just jazz and hip hop, but I haven't danced for years. I always watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" and I love the choreography in that show! I'd like to learn hip hop and contemporary. I was going to enroll at the Dance Academy in town, but I haven't had the time. Maybe next year I will sign up for it.
  10. I'm surprised they [I]wouldn't[/I] know! My mom could always smell it on me, one day she asked and I said yes. I still smoke and I'm 20 years old now. I'd really like to quit, and honestly, I'd recommend it to you. That way you won't have to tell them... But if worst comes to worst, you could just get up and go out for a cigarette while they're home. :rolleyes:
  11. Holy cannoli, this is my first post in FOREVER!!! In no particular order: [I]Naruto[/I] Even in the english version the dubs are well done, I love the characters, the story line, even the filler in between makes me giggle. One of the best ones out there. [I]Hellsing[/I] Alucard kicks butt... and scares the crap out of me. Plus I love the animation, and the story kind of appeals to my morbid side. Can't wait for Hellsing Ultimate to come my way. [I]Rurouni Kenshin[/I] I love how it's based on the Meiji Period, which I find very interesting. It has that funny side but also it's awesome fight scenes as well. The dubs for the cartoon were awesome too. [I]Inu Yasha[/I] Inu Yasha got me back into anime, so I can't exclude it. Although I wasn't too happy with the way the series ended. :animedepr [I]Gundam Seed[/I] Love the fight scenes, loved the plot, love the characters, and an awesome ending. And one more: [i]Fullmetal Alchemist[/i] We're a little behind up in Canada, still only on the first season, but it's amazing. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  12. "Oh God, I know THAT's not the jets!" eep!! There's two ways that can be read... ^_^
  13. [SIZE=1][B]Sadly, they couldn't get Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Japanese PETA advertisements...[/B] :twitch: Meh... sometimes you got it, sometimes you don't... in my head it's rather clever, but I have no idea what anime it's from, so I can't really make it up based on that. I did my best[/SIZE]
  14. [QUOTE=Momiji Love][CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana] AFI, contrary to what a lot of people say, sounds really good live. I only saw them perform "Miss Murder" on the MTV Movie Awards. I personally love the extra scratch in Davey's voice live. Very sexy.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][/QUOTE] I've seen AFI live, and it was probably the best show I've ever been to. This was right after STS came out, so there were lots of new songs. As a band, they sound really awesome live, but I will comment that the MTV Movie Awards performance was really disappointing. It wasn't the sound or anything, but when I saw AFI Davey was doing his "trade-mark" high kicks and he even did a flip onto the ground and walked on the crowd! So compared to the high-octane show that I saw, the MTVMA performance was nothing close. If you ever get the chance to see them when they are on tour, I recommend it. You'll have the time of your life. [quote name='Tical'] aint seen much. Slipknot kicked some serious *** at the Big Day Off, but they're about all I've seen firsthand. The moving drumkits were sweet, loved the flames, and the big 666 signs were teh shiz.[/quote] I saw Slipknot too, that was a really fun show! It was a Christmas present for my sister, who adores them... I used to be a big fan, but not as much anymore. We were off to the side away from the mosh pit up in the stands, but we had a great view of the stage and the pit so we could just feed off of everyones energy. I've also seen My Chemical Romance, The Used, Saosin and others during the Taste of Chaos tour. That was alot of fun too, because you get to see a whole bunch of different bands at once. I'm yet to go see Warped Tour, but that's next on my list. I'm saddened that I can't go, because this year AFI, NOFX and Anti-Flag will all be there. :( Perhaps next year.
  15. [QUOTE=Acheron][font=Palatino Linotype][size=3] [b][i][font=Palatino Linotype][size=3][/size][/font][/i][/b] [font=Palatino Linotype][size=3][/size][/font] [font=Palatino Linotype][size=3][/size][/font] [font=Palatino Linotype][size=3]Shizzle? What is this shizzle...? Just kidding, true. You seem like a shizzle person to me. Lol[/size][/font] [font=Palatino Linotype][size=3]*[b][i]Quick joke:[/i][/b] Why did [b][i]Snoop Dogg[/i][/b] carry an [b][i]umbrella[/i][/b]?*[/size][/font] [font=Palatino Linotype][size=3][Spoiler][b][i]Fo Drizzle[/i][/b][/spoiler][/size][/font] [font=Palatino Linotype][size=3][/size][/font] [font=Palatino Linotype][size=3]TPBM is in [b][i]California[/i][/b] with me. [b][i](Where I am visiting [right now])[/i][/b][/size][/font][/QUOTE] Huzzah! I'm the shizzle!! Awesome joke, btw :animesmil To answer your question, I am not in Cali. Go two states up, and cross the border. I'd love to be in Cali right now though... oh how I love that place. TPBM has been to Japan.
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