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  1. Video Games might help- it's really more of an overall hand-eye cordination... as for your sister- just put into effect the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" system. Scratch the paint, Scratch her face. Bust a speaker, busted nose. Its easy- or you could do it with money...
  2. I think you're confusing slang, jargon, and vernacular (spl?) jargon is to a group of peers type thing.... vernacular is to a region... slang is an alternate meaning deviating from the original... okay?
  3. [quote name='Queen Asuka][color=hotpink][size=1]I'm already well aware of his sacrifice, his sufferings, and what it means for me.[/color'][/size][/quote] then isn't your mind already in a rated r state? If you can imagine- then whats the harm of viewing it on screen? If you couldn't already tell- I'm a Southern Baptist (Christian). Big suprise eh? lol
  4. [quote name='Baron Samedi][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Technologically, America is quite advanced. But I believe Asian armies far outnumber yours. The greatest army?...[/color'][/size][/quote] First of all- I was being cocky. It's one of the things I do pretty well. And if you were thinking greatest as in numbers- you're right. But the United States armed forces spend more money, time, and energy on their soldiers than any other nation in the world. I watch tons of war/armed forces specials, tv shows, read books, view magazines, etc. 99% of them will tell you this- and I started the post with Australia kicks ***.... and they do. I love to see the not-so-super powers in war. When I play video games I avoid everyones favorite character. I ignore main characters and pour my heart into a lesser, in sports games I pick underdogs, when watching I cheer for underdogs. So I may be cocky, but I like a good challenges, and like to see the "little guy" win. back to the subject It would be great to "Teach us to balance our funds! Teach us to cook food! Teach us practicalities!" but the current work force doesn't want it... you teach for careers directly- you lose 3-4 good paying years off your job. Some kid from high school takes it, and as long as the education system is run mostly by politicians-- those themselves that want to keep jobs from up-and-comers, or those elected by adults who bring the same viewpoint of delaying the overtake-- it will stay the same. And as for everyday living skills- public school has strayed more to the "leave no one behind" stance... We now think every kid can ready fluently, all can do calculus, and all should go to college. This is stupid, some people aren't 'college material'. So why don't you bring back balancing a check book into math class and lose the freakin' Sigma Notation?...unless its being used as a complex form of balancing funding...
  5. [quote name='Omar Harris']I am not the biggest rap fan, or more precisely, the biggest fan of modern rap. The "bling-bling" era of rap just aren't my cup of tea without their soulless, gloating lyrics. [/quote] You stated the exact reason I listen to Underground.
  6. [quote name='Transtic Nerve']As far as buzz words is concerned... "liberal," which has been used in this thread, is one of the most overused words I've heard. Conservative and Liberal when pretaining to the Republican and Democratic party... or anyone for that matter. There no such thing as conservative or liberal anymore... Everyone is liberal on somethings and conservative on others, no one can be just one...[/quote] Yes....I believe I was the one to use "liberal." I use it because that is how most likely people refer to the Democratic party. I realize modern day politicians fall into a more 'gray' category, and tend to be a hybrid of the far left and far right. While you are correct, no one is completely conservative or liberal, I am atleast 9/10 conservative- so I consider myself conservative. ...meh, sue me :) [quote name='Semjaza Azazel']Am I the only one that realized that Harry's post was a joke?.[/quote] No. I thought it was pretty obvious- then again, when is Harry serious? This topic is one of the greatest I've seen in awhile- thank you Cutter.
  7. [quote name='Inuyasha7271']I love Rap & Hip Hop! My fav. singers are RUN DMC AND JAM MASTER J, Twista, Jin, Jay-Z, and Kanye West. I've listen to rap since I was a little kid I like that new song by Twista and Kanye West song I Can Make You a Celebrity In Just One Night. I wonder if there are any other lovers of rap and hip hop.[/quote] Man most of those guys are wack. Well, in my opinion. I like strictly underground- Copywrite, Jedi Mind Tricks, etc...
  8. [quote name='wrist cutter']These events occured thousands of years ago (2004 to be precise). [/quote] Actually....2004 years ago Jesus was born, not killed. If you were speaking of his whole life span, then you're right... As for the movie I have not seen it...I think I want to, but then again maybe I don't.
  9. [quote name='James][color=#707875']I would say that if you are an American living in America...you cannot possibly understand what it's like to live in another country, where your own country isn't a superpower.[/color][/quote] Now, Now, James. Australia kicks major ***- (with the help of the super powers) Atleast your country is smart enough to ally with the greatest armies of the world. ... As for the topic, of course your teacher is teaching they're own opinion. Whether it's subconcious or not, they do. Why do you think a high percentage of college students, who will later become conservative, vote democrat (liberal) in the election years they go to college? It is the college professors liberal views that have influenced them.
  10. [QUOTE=Godelsensei][B]Negative[/B] Telling some one that they're too negative about something is like saying, "This sucks, but you should like it anyway, because you have every argument on your side." I can't stand it when people tell you to be optimistic about every single thing in life. I probably just sound bitchy, but you know what I mean, right? You can't look on the positive side of everything, and those who try to just end up being annoying._[/quote] So True....So True. Then again I'm one of those "negative" people. It seems that negative=realistic now. [QUOTE=Kent]The closed minded point is also awesome. Fact is, too often in debates people use closed minded as a way to defend their own view. By defending I mean, trying to invalidate your opinion by suggest you are not capable of understanding the "more intelligent" ideas that they are trying to argue in favor of. [/QUOTE] You sir, are awsome. [quote name='anatema]Also, lately people are throwing around [b]therefore[/b'] a lot more freely than I'd like them to. They use the word in the most inappropriate places. It's a really vain attempt to look smarter than you are and it's not working, no no no.[/quote] Exactly....how about you "intelligent" cats get out your overused cover-up manual I like to call the Thesaurus. Use "hence".... (I actually use those 2 words- but I am intelligent)
  11. [QUOTE=Syk3][color=#30415d]Welcome back, Subversive, but perhaps you'd like to brush up on our rules a little. ~_^ We expect contructive criticism from each post, which means that you need to go into detail about what you like and don't like about an image, and what the artist can do to improve their piece and/or talent. There is a sticky at the top of this forum that goes into further detail on this.[/color][/QUOTE] ARRRRRGH forgot your freakin' rules....*stomps feet* Well I think in this case you should fit the title more and come more graphic...use more violent and dark colors- and have a more detailed image- not as simplistic or blurred.
  12. I think we've missed one of the most overused words in all of the internet and present day adolescence- "gay". The word is taken completely out of meaning and used in a ignorant, derogatory manner. I personally am against homosexuallity, but blatant use of this word as an insult in an ignorant context is something heard too often in my opinon.
  13. [QUOTE=wrist cutter] ...Liberals are particularly fond of this word, since we all know every conservative is close-minded... [/QUOTE] so true....I've missed your views while I've been away cutter... Home, Sweet Home.
  14. Heres on I made for someone in graffitti style. [IMG]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&attachmentid=11012[/IMG]
  15. [URL=http://www.deathspits.com/board/attachment.php?s=&postid=9662]Weird Thingy I made[/URL] or view it below: [IMG]http://www.deathspits.com/board/attachment.php?s=&postid=9662[/IMG]
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