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Writing Kino no Tabi Fanfic: A Nameless City [PG-LV]


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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]- [I]The world is not beautiful;[/I]
[I]And that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty[/I] -

Click [URL=http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/8410/kinohouse8hj.th.jpg]here[/URL] to find out about Kino's appearance on her casual cloth.
Click [URL=http://img162.imageshack.us/img162/8441/kinonotabi14vw.jpg]here[/URL] to find out about Hermes's appearance......and yeah......he's a bike, a talking bike to be precise :D.
Click [URL=http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/2913/image42nx.jpg]here[/URL] to open a picture containing Kino on her travel suit (Hermes's there too....).
Click [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=38073]here[/URL] to find out more about Kino no Tabi. My story did not have any connection towards the real story of Kino no Tabi.

[CENTER][I][B]Writer's Note[/B][/I][/CENTER]

Hello...:animesmil, you can skip reading this if you want to. But this note's here to tell you guys that I'm still a newbie at forum story telling like this, especially using english language (spelling, grammar, argh....:animestun). Therefore any constructive advice is highly expected from me, to improve my writing skill :animesmil. I'm sorry if my story did not use a wide selection of words :(, that's because I'm not a native speakers and I don't have a dictionary with me here (I only had this stupid TransTool with me......it ain't helping me alot...:(). I also suck at describing surrounding environment and character's condition....help? :animeblus

Kino and Hermes usually had philosophical conversations but I seldomly put those on this chapter because it's still the opening, I'll add those on latter chapters. Kino had two guns which you have known if you open the last link I post here, they'll play an important role too on this fanfic of mine :animesmil.

On to the story then, enjoy! :animesmil

[CENTER][B][I][SIZE=4]A Nameless City[/SIZE][/I][/B][/CENTER]

[CENTER][B][I]Chapter 0[/I][/B][/CENTER]
[CENTER][B][I]Entrance to Nowhere[/I][/B][/CENTER]

"Kino, where are we?" Hermes asked Kino, who at that time, was holding Hermes's handlebars to push him forward from his left side. The muddy and slippery road of the forest where they belong now made it impossible for Kino to ride on Hermes. Kino looked around in response to Hermes's question, there's only trees as far as both of them could see. Her face showed that she's a little bit confused. Kino closed her eyes and then looked up to the sky, probably to relax herself. She shielded her eyes from the sun's light with her left arm and felt that the sun is hotter than usual, she felt this for five days straight and this is certainly is not good for her. She had no idea about where she is right now, that mades her remembered the occurence of which she had a few days ago.

About five days ago, Kino was on her way to find the next city according to her journey route she had made back on the last city she had been. She was riding on Hermes and stopped at a plain field with nothing but grass aside from the main road. She dismounted from Hermes and, after walked a few steps away from him, opened a map. She read the map carefully and said with a little bit wondering tone "Weird, according to the map this place is supposed to have a road to northwest.", Hermes replied to the Kino while she was ascertaining her position "How many times do I have to tell you not to rely too much on maps?". Kino showed a little grin on her face after hearing what Hermes said, she furl the map on her hands and sit back at Hermes's saddle. She replied Hermes's words while looking to Hermes's lamps with a little smile "And just how many times we're saved by them?". Hermes silenced for a moment and said "So? What are we going to do now?", Kino sets her sight straight forward "We'll keep looking for the road, let's go." so said Kino with her usual calm and a little bit cold tone.

Kino continued her ride along the main road of the field and look around to find the path she was looking for. She could see many wild animals and trees lived aside of the main roads, the clouds are very beautiful and the breeze are very gentle, the feeling she experienced here is so relaxing that it almost made Kino wanted to stop for a break. But she can't, she had to keep looking for the path before night as she didn't have many supplies left. Finnaly, she found a path to the direction she intended to go to. She stopped for a bit, looking at her surrounding and then ride along that path, after a while of ride she smiles a little and said to Hermes "It seems that we got what we wanted.", Hermes didn't reply even a single word to Kino's speech, he just silenced all the way. Kino sings her favourite song on the way, she seemed to enjoy her ride along with the flow of the wind. But after a while, Kino's a-bit happy feeling suddenly changed, it's just too quiet here. She didn't see any wild animals anymore, she did sees some tree here but they somehow felt, cold.

Both of them continued the ride until they found an entrance to a forest at the end of the road. Kino stopped Hermes and dismounted from him but still holding his handlebars. Kino looked around, she feels something strange from the forest. She then noticed that there were two large trees on her left and right acting as if they were a gate to the forest. Kino set Hermes's kickstand so that she could let her hands go. Kino walked a few steps and opened her map again, trying to find their current location. She was surprised to found that they're nowhere at the map, the map only shows one main road splitted into two, one to the northwest and one to the northeast. The northwest road was supposed to had no forest and it leads them exactly to the city of their destination. Hermes said "What's wrong Kino?", Kino replied "It looks like that we had lost, this forest is nowhere on the map.". Hermes sighed and said "What do I say? We shouldn't trust a map too much.". Kino twitched her face a bit and replied "I think you're right.", she agreed with Hermes, thinking that they can't be lost, the path's just a straight and one way, it must have been the map which is not right. She immidiately furl her map and turned her body to mount Hermes. But right after she turn her body completely, she felt a cold and strong breeze going through her into the forest. Kino seemed to be shocked, she's paralyzed right where she stands for quite sometimes, she starts to sweat alot and her face's just won't recover from the shock.

Hermes, seeing Kino's unusual state asked "Hey Kino, what's wrong?". Kino, rather than answering Hermes's question, turned her back again and said "Something's calling for me.". A little bit surprised with Kino's responses, Hermes asked again "What? Whose calling for you? It's just the two of us here.". Hermes's words seemed to unsuccesfully reached Kino's ears, she turned her back once more and pushes Hermes inside the forest. Hermes, a little bit panicked shouted "Hey! Kino!", but yet, Kino's just keep pushing Hermes deeper and deeper inside the forest. Haven't regained her consiousness, Kino once more said "Something....is calling for me."

[CENTER][I]Something's calling for me[/I][/CENTER]

After a long times of taking steps deeper into the forest, Kino fainted. Hermes couldn't do anything other than to wait until Kino wakes up. The day has gone darker and darker, maybe they'll spend their night here on this creepy and cold forest if Kino wasn't going to wake up soon. Unfortunately for both of them, Kino didn't wake up till the next morning.

Kino awakes shocked with sweat all around her body, she panted and struggles hard to calm herself again. Seeing that Kino's awake Hermes said "Look what that stupid map had brought both of us into?", Kino turn her head into Hermes whom body's laid on the ground. After a while of calming self, Kino stands and helped Hermes to stand. She set his kickstand and back to sit on her previous place. She asked Hermes about what had happened, Hermes then told Kino everything he knows. Kino looked to the ground after Hermes finished his story, she said "The last thing I remember is......wind....a strong and cold wind.". After a while of silence, Kino looked at her surrounding, all she saw was only trees, no sign even from animals. The sky looked clear but the sun has yet to set, that's probably the reason why it felt so cold around here. Kino looked down again and closed her eyes, trying to relax and calm her minds again. A few minutes passed, Kino's back on her feets and pushes Hermes to look for a way out.

But then five days had passed since that days and yet they met no sign of way out. Kino survived by eating fruits harvested from trees and drink water gathered from it's root, they might not tasted good, but it's all Kino could do to survive. Not all of them are meant to be eaten as most of them are poisonous, it's also hard too to find waters on a tree's root. Both of them takes luck for Kino and she might end up eating nothing for a days. The temperatures are unfriendly too, too hot on days and too cold on night. The path is muddy and hard to traverse. This forest seemed fit the nickname of "Cursed Forest".

"Kino, where are we?", Hermes's feeling weak as he got his fuel nearly empty. Kino's also worned out, but she can't give up yet, there's so many things on the world that she wanted and yet to see, she can't fall here. After a long time of walking, Kino found a pathway which led into a higher ground. She felt that she could observed her surrounding from a higher ground and so, she traverse the path. It takes alot of her stamina to go through the pathway but eventually, she made it. After she made it, she quickly observed the place and found a place, somewhat city like, no far from her position. "Hermes, we're gonna survive this!" nearly vanished, Kino's spirit's back on fire again. She descend down and head toward the direction of the city.

[CENTER][I]A city? In the middle of forests?[/I][/CENTER]

Kino met up with Hermes, whom she left when she was ascending to the top. Kino told Hermes about the city, Hermes obviously surprised and said "A city? In the middle of forests?". Kino not seemed to listen to what Hermes said, feeling ignored, Hermes said "Think about it for a sec! You must have seen a hallucination or something.". Kino whose now holding Hermes's handlebars said "It isn't..." and start pushes him. Hermes had a strange feeling about this, he saw Kino's too quick on her decision, but he himself had left no choice but to go along the flow.

Walking another few miles, Kino saw a big gate far from her. She seemed relieved that she somehow survived. She quicken her pace and eventually arrived at the front gate of a city. It's a common design for a front gate, brown colored and opened in a way common doors got opened. The walls of the city's quite magnificent, the structure seems solid and perfectly made by using the hardest rock found around here. There's a post at the right side of the gate, Kino approached the post to register herself as usual. She saw a man standing inside the post, he had a strange white pointy hat and wear a white armor. As Kino approach the post, the man smiled and said "Welcome to our city young traveller! Please sign your names, how many are there peoples on your party and how long you'd stay in the town.". Kino takes her pen and start filling the registry form, while she filling the forms and without looking into the man's face, she asked "Excuse me, what's this city called?". Kino kept filling the form and felt strange that the man had yet to answer her question. Kino looked at the man's face, he seemed smiling, smilling strangely. Kino's wondered what's the meaning of his smile and asked one more time "Excuse me, what's this city called?". The man's smile grew even more stranger and after a few moments of silence he replied "The city has no name...".

[CENTER][I]The city has no name...[/I][/CENTER]

[I][SIZE=2]To be continued...[/I][/SIZE]

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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]No reply whatsoever? :animesigh, oh well.....my college suddenly pushes me to my edge with tasks and tests so I guess I can't continue this fanfic of mine. I've finished the Indonesian version of it but since this is an English languaged forums, I had to translate it and unfortunately I don't have time for that. I however would still be around here if I could.....gomene mina :animeshy:

P.S: Mods, please lock this thread for good....[/FONT]
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