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Manga The Last Edo. My new manga.


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I made a new manga here's the story.

[FONT=Century Gothic][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=Red][SIZE=2] During the Edo period of japan 25 samurai were teleported to midevil Europe. Sakoora the beloved princess is one of the 5 precursors. (samurai who protect Tokyo.)She can heal witth cherry blossoms or sakura. Dante, an american gothic from the future. (2006) Falls from the sky to the kingdom of mana. (where the story takes place) He gains the power of BLK magic. Secretly collects neopets. The main charecter well one of them Baadokai Deltokden Aremasuda is a sarcastic wanderer. Ex precurser of the precurser 6. Has a gift that grows with him as he wanders. He is much like loogen from Samurai Champloo. (the sarcastic guy) His brother Madamousai Xangdonji Aremasuda. Who is good but hates his brother. Is an Ex Ronin joins in on the battle for midevil Europe. And the future of the Edo period.
Thats what I have so far. If you think of samurai champloo and ruroni kenshin its a story of traveling and manslaying. If anybody knows anything about the Edo period or midevil Europe please PM me or post here with your feedback[/SIZE][/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR]
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