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Discuss Would anyone be interested a Nautical Horror RP?


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[SIZE=1]Not that its the story of the little mermaid, not even Grim is as sick as I am...

But I was working on my novel, Seaweed, about a woman who finds out she's pregnant with a child of a Mer (guy) and subsequently goes insane... blah blah blah. I'll explain more of what happened if this gets going as an RP.

But then the other day I heard this song called "The Infanta" by the Decemberists, and I got this idea for a sequal. But of course I'm not really one for writing sequals, so my next thought was "OOOOH! RP!"

I have a general idea of the plot, based a bit around the song. Midieval Europe, the king and his entourage are out hunting and find the cradle of a little girl in a lake. Believing her to be the god's reply to the King and Queens desire of an heir, they take her back with all the pomp and fuss of royalty and coronate her princess...

A full moon later, on a pirate ship (which will be where I will need most characters to sign up), a storm kicks up and when it calms a very angery Mer has hauled himself onboard, seeking the Pirate Captain's help in getting his daughter back.

I'm leaving it pretty much open to the characters to decide what happens on their journey, but I mean for this to be a fairly serious horror/adventure RP... If it goes up it will probably be rated M-VLS, for gore, harsh language (because hey, Pirates are a rough bunch y'know?), and because there are things that aren't going to make sense if I don't include a bit about Mer biology.

Anyone interested? Any one have any ideas?[/SIZE]
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