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Request Need new banner BAD!


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My last request was a total bust, sooo... I need a banner. Put simply, I want it based on a guy holding a knife (any guy) and it has to have a black background. In the bottom right corner I want the text: "-gskorpion.-"
No quotes. Simple enough? I'm wicked tired of my Charles Manson banner (that isn't to say I dislike it, I've just had it for a couple YEARS now...)
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[size=1]Firstly, kudos to you for using the John 5 avi (I made that one ^_^). Secondly, here's the banner. It's simple, nothing all spectacular or whatever, so if you don't want to use it, I completely understand.


I also put it in an attachment if for some reason it gets deleted from my photobucket account.
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