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[color=DarkOrange][b][size=1]This is for the participants of the KING RPG that is now up in the Adventure Square.

Post any questions, queries or general chat about the RPG here. Also, this would be a good place for people in this RPG to ask for help with their posts, whether it be the idea for their post, or just general information they think they need.

I'll also be putting up certain important facts in this thread that people might forget in this RPG, as well as directions for future posts and information needed for future posts.

Try to use this thread as much as possible, when you need it.

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[color=DarkOrange][size=1][b]Directions for next post:

[u]Illusion:[/u] Find your colleagues (the crew of T.Y. Cross) and convince them to take the job.

[u]The crew of T.Y. Cross:[/u] When Illusion's character tries to convince you guys about this job, put up a little resistance, asking why do it, etc etc. Come up with some creative arguements.

[u]The other DNA candidates:[/u] Go to the room Emma specified and all introduce yourselves to each other. There is enough rooms for everyone if they go into pairs. Choose your pairs.

[u]'Special' people:[/u] Nothing for you in the next post. Just follow the directions of the other job your character has.

That's it for now. If you have any questions, post them here.[/color][/size][/b]
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