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Art How's this picture?


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For the most part the proportions are well done, and the folds in the clothing seem to be in all the right places.

My main critiques would be over the hands and the feet, and the expression.

His feet are HUGE. Even stylistically the size of the feet make no sense because the proportions everywhere else are that of traditional anime rather than chibi (where feet slightly smaller would be okay). It looks like you just slapped them on there because you didn't have enough time to finish the image. Another thing to note is that the hand is way off, but it is a good attempt at a very challenging pose.

The facial expression should be the focus of the image. I'm guessing that this guy is about to kill himself, in which case his face should have some form of emotion. With a twinge of fear or sadness this image would be much more powerful and perhaps even moving. I don't know what you were trying to portray with this image, though, so if you wanted him to seem completely emotionless, it's fine I guess.

The blood is well done, but I wish you showed how he got the cut on his arm (a knife laying somewhere or some blood on the fence perhaps?).

I personally like the way you drew the background. Chain link fences are really tedious to draw by hand, so good job on doing that. I kind of wish that I could see the top of the fence, but that's just me being picky.
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The arms, hand and face look too 2D--they need more defining. If you're gonna use a background as busy as a chainlink fence ya need to bring out the main character by lining him out darker. Also, if usin' a link fence ya need some faint background in it--if ya know what I mean. Chain fences are see through.

Tone down the background it takes away from your character. In my opinion, I'd have the person looking away from the viewer givin' a gloomy feel to the moment--as he looks to be killin' himself.

Oh, it also looks like he's kinda sittin' on the fence, too.

Suggestions for the gun: Have his arm a li'l higher or the gun pointing to his mouth and him kinda lookin' away--as it is gonna hurt.
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The fence really takes away all the attention away from the center image. If you want to make the guy stand out more try outlining with a darker pencil or fine tipped marker. And his expression doesn't really make it look like he really wants to shoot himself.
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[color=darkslateblue] I know you must have spent forever drawing the fence behind the guy... so kudos to you. I think it's fine the way it is as a background. Also I'd like to congratulate you on the gun. It's very well drawn. :)

Good proportions, except the feem seem to be huge. Also, in the space between his legs there are no wrinkles or indication of seperate legs, and arm muscles should be indicated.

The facial expression is interesting. Is he about to kill himself or is he just posing? lol[/color]
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wow what a critic :animeknow
anyway thanks because of you guys i realized my mistake..
not most of my friends here...they just look at it and just say 'its nice' with a boring tone...

and...actually i drew his face like that,because its cool...
seems like he killed someone..then thats why he injured..it'll look like he fought someone...yeah im sorry if most of you guys dont get it though...i drew this picture just after i saw Gensoumaden Saiyuki

ill work hard to improve myself!!
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