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Writing Hunters I-The Hive [M-LV]

Guest Vlade_Rayne

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Guest Vlade_Rayne
This takes place in the Hellsing world

[SIZE=3][Scene 1][/SIZE]

Setting- The Mountains of Romania
time of day- Noon

(enter Vlade Rayne)

(runs from behind a boulder)

Rayne-Damn where did he go?!(He looks around for the target that has eluded him)


Rayne-(looks at the boulder) Sneaky bastard arnt ya.(pulls out revolver and shoots the boulder)*ping* Just a rock. Could have sworn...

???- ROAR!

Rayne-(looks back) Oh... shit...
(He sees his target a 10 ft dragon like creature)

Dragon-*hiss*grrrrr.(steam comes from his mouth)

Rayne-Thats not good...

Dragon- RARRRR!(fire streams from its mount heading strait for Rayne)

Rayne-Haaa!(barely jumps out of the way and starts shooting at the dragon 2 bullets hit its side)

Dragon-(in pain)raaar!(looks at Rayne with that go to hell look. It barrels toward Rayne who is near a cliff)

Rayne- Oh! Shit!(Jumps out off the way but the dragon still knocks him off)ahhh!(looks up sees the dragon dive towards him) Come on you Son-of-a-Bitch i got something for you to chomp on!(pulls the sword he keeps on his back points it toward the dragon)*Boom*(the blade fires off like a rocket on a chain as Rayne pulled the trigger)

(it ripped thourgh the Dragon's skull like it was a loaf of bread and blood poared out right as dragon hit the ground)

Rayne-(gets up and screams in pain his shoulder has been dislocated than in an instant he pop it back in)AHHH! Thats not going be good for a couple of days.(He walk over to the dragon and cuts out a tooth as proof of his kill) They better pay me good for this. (Starts walking towards a close town)

To be continued...

First i will describe the Monster Hunter Vlade Rayne
Height- 6 ft
Hair- short and white
Clothes-A Dark red cloak,dark red tanktop and black jeans
Weopons-Revolver and the Crimson Chaos(rocket sword)

The reason why i write the story in parts is that i am writeing this during my ComputerAppication class because at home i dont have the internet

but i hope you like the story :D

[size=1][color=#B2566B]I've merged your two posts, Vlade Rayne. Instead of making two posts, edit your first/ original post to edit.

Welcome to the OB Anthology. If you have the time, you should look over the OB Anthology Basics. With that, welcome again.
- Revelation.[/size][/color]
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Guest Vlade_Rayne
Setting- The Vatican

Archbishop#1- This is getting out of hand we must do something emediately or the entirety of Europe nay The World will be overrun.

Archbishop#2- I concure The Hive must be eliminated.

Pope- Settle my children I have taken the liberty of sending out flyers to try to secure help.

Archbishop#1- Do you think anyone will come?

Pope- If God wills it.

Scene 3

Setting- Bar

Rayne- One more before i go.

Bartender- Coming right up.

Patron#1- Did you see the flyers that was in the town square?

Patron#2- No. What did they say?

Patron#1- I said that the Vatican needs help with something.

Patron#2- The Vatican, eh? Must be something important. Hey where did that guy go.

Bartender- A least he paid for the drink.

Scene 4

Back at the Vatican

Pope- Father Alexander I thank you for coming in this hour of need.

Alex-(in a scottish voice) These demon will be send back to the depths of hell.

(large door opens, Rayne walks toward the Pope)

Rayne- (bowing) Holiness, I heded the call.

Pope- Ah! Thank you my son.

Rayne-(looking up) But for a price. Nothing is for free.

Alex- How dare ye Mercanary filith?! You will pay for that.(trys to stab Rayne with one of those garden shovel knife thingies)Huh?Ah!

Rayne- (with revolver pointed at his head,wagging his finger) Temper...Temper.

Pope- STOP THIS! This is no time for fighting we have much more important matters
you said you had a price what do you want.

Rayne- 5000 Euros and this swords blessing is wearing off.

Pope- In thought you'd ask for more... It shall be done.

(hour later)

Pope- Here is your blessed sword and your money. Now you should know what you are facing. You are going to go to the Romainian mountain there you will find a horde of demon called The Hive you must go and destroy every single one. Alexander shall acompany you to this place.

Rayne- Got it. Come on I'm not going to wait up on you Alex.

Alex- Call me Father.
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Guest Vlade_Rayne
Seeing that im doing 2 fanfics at once im going to do the Naruto one first because im fixing to get DSL at home so this fanfic and a of its glory is saved on that computer when i get that up and runing it is just a Copy paste away

Sorry for the inconveniance
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