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I know alot of you are about tired of me. (I wouldn't blame you either. I'd be tired of me as well.) Please bare with me through this for just a bit longer. So I've decided that these 2 requests will be my last request for a while.

2 sets. (some finale lol)

1st set (Rurouni Kenshin - Aoshi)

Theme: uhh... japanese type theme... so to speak
Background: royal blue-ish type background
Text: Unstable Warrior
Picture: [URL=http://www.romantation.com/aoshigallery/aoshi26.jpg]Aoshi[/URL] (if you have a better picture, by all means use it if you want.)

In the avie just my name. (preferrably cloisterblack as font)

2nd set (Trigun - Legato)

Theme: don't know.... have fun with it
Background: Navy blue or midnight blue type
Text: I've lost my sanity
Picture: [URL=http://www.animanga2000.net/trigun/immagini/wallpaper/trigun_wp14.jpg]Legato[/URL]

Again, in the avie I'd just like to have my name (cloisterblack as font if you can)
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[COLOR=#656446][SIZE=1]Nah, we here don't get tired of anybody.


Um, I'll make the avatar later (but it's good as done!). Meanwhile, if you want me to change anything in this banner, please let me know.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Textless version[/SIZE]


Yeah, I thought it was Vash too 'til I saw his sleeves. ^^
Also, I'm afraid I won't be able to make the other set you requested. Sorry. *bows*[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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