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Art Best drawing ^-^


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Hello everyone, I love to draw pictures but i'm not the best with drawing anime so don't laugh at me okay, I'm better with dragons and monsters the best. I'm a artist at such a young age and proud of it :D lol tell me what you think of my pictures and pictures to come (thats hard to since i'm not posting them yet lol)


[size=1]I edited your picture and changed it to a text link instead. The image was stretching OB's layout, which is a pain for me, and a hassel for 56k users who don't want extreme lag.

- Retribution[/size][/COLOR]
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[quote name='jigglyness']For the body, try to work on proportions because the mid section/abs seems a little too long. and her breasts re somewhat lopsided and pointy. But I like how you did the hair. :)[/quote]

Yes i know i got the same thing from how may other people but its because i did it quick. lol But i'm not good with drawing anime only real live creatures like dragons (the best) and monsters. But thanks for the tip ^^ and thanks though too for the comment lol. If i could, i would put my really good but the paper is to big to be scanned ^^'
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