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[B][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]Please rate my story plot[/FONT].[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

It's about a half human-half demon teen that he gets adopted into a normal family and hes finding it hard to fit in. Then, one day, he goes home to find his family being killed by demonic ninjas and he nearly got killed fighting them with his newly found demonic powers. After that he's kinda like avenging the death of his family. While finding the ninjas who did it, he meets a sexy girl that has psychic powers, who convinces him to join him get some sort of a weapon that can kill demons. So he goes with the girl to get the weapon and on the way fight other badguys.

[B][COLOR=Red][SIZE=3][FONT=Arial]So, what do you think? please rate in a scale of 1 to 10[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]
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On that scale I'd give it a 5/10

I'm worried about several things in this story, most of which deal with lack of originality.

The use of ninjas is unnecessary. Try to come up with your own kind of fighter that is actually creative and hasn't been used a million times over. For that matter, why bother using demons at all? Maybe you should try to come up with a new kind of creature, or look to mythology for something different that isn't commonly used. The harpy springs to my mind first, but that may have been used somewhere already. Coming up with new species and cultures can be difficult and time consuming, but it will be well worth it once you're finished.

Looking for anything feels old and tired to me. On top of that, you said that this guy already had demonic powers, so why would he need a weapon? My opinion is that a character should be able to take care of his problems on his own and without the aid of some "all powerful weapon." That just seems cowardly.

The other thing that really irks me is the term "sexy girl". I just found that derogatory, and my inner feminist has to speak out against that. Make sure this "sexy girl" is more than just a pretty face, or you're bound to lose many potential readers.

The struggle to fit in and to figure out who you are are both very good themes to focus on and I applaud you for that. If this manga winds up having good characters that develop over time it could become much more than the simple plot you've laid down. Try to not become impatient or frustrated. Just keep on working on it and editing until you're sure it's exactly what you want it to be.
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