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[COLOR=#004a6f]I hope this thread isn't considered too spammy, but I thought it would be nice to have a thread where people can ask others for the names of certain songs or tunes they're looking for.

We've all in our past, heard familiar songs and tunes, and never found out their names.

If you are looking for a certain song or tune, you can describe what it sounds like, or where you've heard it before. Perhaps you can make a small recording of yourself humming it or playing a bit of the notes on an instrument, or perhaps, you can write down the a bit of the actual score, and scan it o your computer, or provide a midi file you make yourself.

I have a few pieces of my own I'd like to find, but I have to wait to get home so I can make a small midi of the tunes I remember.

If you know the name of a song someone is asking for, make sure to quote their request so things don't get too confusing.

And to make this thread less spammy, you can explain why you like these tunes so much and what makes them so memorable to you.[/COLOR]
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