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Writing Two of my Poems [PG]

Sui Generis

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I looked over my shoulder today,
and saw a smiling face in my way,
it scared me; so I looked away
When I saw a smiling face today

People say its a rarity
for a face to be smiling back at me,
To others I'm not too great to see
thats why people say its a rarity.

Everyone seems to walk right by,
No one ever stops; No one says Hi
Our lives are just to busy to ask why,
Why everyone seems to just walk right by.

Maybe if I lok again;
I'll see my wonderful smiling friend;
I might even learn to smile in the end,
If I take a chance and look again.

But what if my friend is gone,
What if I'm left all alone,
Wondering what I did wrong,
Wondering why my friend is gone,

I looked over my shoulder today
and saw another blank face in the way,
thats why I decided I had to get away,
When I looked over my shoulder today

It was then I saw my friend was gone,
No one was there; I guess I was wrong
I've beared this pain for far too long,
All because my friend was gone.

I wonder if I'll ever smile again,
now that I've lost my only friend,
I guess my time has come to an end
I know I'll never smile again.[/I]

[B]Summer's Eve[/B]

[I]The Summer's Eve,
is a place to go,
to escape our world's,
wintery blow.

Hold me close,
And jump right off,
go to SUmmer's Eve,
Where our dreams are made of.

Clean up your cuts,
forget your scars,
take this plunge with me,
off to where our memories are.

I've seen their faces,
those demons you hide,
lets go to a place,
Where only angels abide.

Baby, just hold your breath,
and jump right in;
Summer's Eve is waiting for you,
its time to be forgiven.

This cold winter;
will freeze your heart,
each gust carries a sin;
each sin will tear you apart.

But baby theres a way out,
a place to make a brand new start,
Take my hand; its not far from here,
It begins, right here, in your heart.

Ignore the pain,
don't let it hold you back,
Summer's Eve is calling,
Its time to get on the right track.

So baby...just hold your breath,
and jump right in.
Summer's Eve is waiting for you....

Its time to be forgiven.....[/I][/CENTER][/COLOR]
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