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Best of Gravestone Humor [PG-L]


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[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna]I have just now found in my old book collection an old joke book about real epitaphs which happen to be quite humorous. I know, "there's nothing funny about death," right? I do indeed disagree, as I will now present an epitaph every couple of days, and will ask for your commentary regarding the selection (and of course, I will comment as well).

There are 11 categories for these epitaphs, and they are: 1) Chance and Circumstance, 2) Family and Friends, 3) Food and Drink, 4) It's All in a Name, 5) Love and Marriage, 6) Occupations, 7) The Root of All Evil, 8) To Your Health, 9) Heaven and Hell, 10) Odd Practices and Strange Habits, and 11) Mixed Memories.

This one's from 'The Root of All Evil':

Over the tomb of a man whose family's sadness was somewhat cushioned-
[I][CENTER]"When dear papa went up to heaven,
What grief mama endured,
And yet that grief was softened,
For papa was insured"[/CENTER][/I]

Quite the mournful family, aren't they? I personally would have preferred there be no funeral service, no coffin, and that I just be interred in peaceful forest scenery, if it were me being buried. Anyways, it is still quite humorous that a family would be even the slightest bit concerned with burial costs of a departed one. What are your thoughts?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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that one did just roll of the tongue about the insurance but it`s a funny one.
if i where dead i would be layed on a stack of wood with dry mos on it upon a hill before the forest and burn, turn to ash and drift into the woods and reform myself and continue to live.
at least that would seem nice to me.
but can you post one from the category: heaven and hell? sounds nice to me:P
so keep posting i`m interrested in black humor as certain that a guillotine is sharp.

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