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What is your all time favorite food/meal?


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Perhaps this is asked before, perhaps not. In either case, it should be interesting.

What is your all time favorite food/meal? :animesmil
What makes it your favorite? :animesmil
Where do you normally go to get it? :animesmil
When's the first time you've had it? :animesmil

Personally, my all time favorite would be [B][U]Fried rice w/ orange chicken[/U][/B]! It makes me all warm inside and gives me this satisfied feeling. I don't care what I've been through aslong as I've had that meal in the end. All is right with the world :animesigh.

This tops all other food (including Italian food sadly) because it's sweet, it's sour, and it's fulfilling. Excuse me for being asian but I just love fried rice. You have about almost every category in the food pyramid for the fried rice alone. You have peas, you have carrots, you have diced ham (SPAM owns), you have rice (duh), and to top it all off, it's fried! And I just simple ADORE chicken. Stereotypes say that african-americans have a special bond with chicken, well so have I.. so have I.

Normally the place I would go to get it, would be at Panda Express. Most definitely. If not, then some other (for lack of a better word)asian place.

My first experience with this would be when I was about 9. Pretty late into it yes, but it all happens to us at the right time.

Anyway, enough about me. What about you? ;)
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[COLOR=Indigo]I don't really know what my favorite meal is but may I say my favorite drink?

Mine would be coca cola. I get it just about anywhere there is a coke machine. I first tried it when I was a toddler. It is my favorite because it is the best soda in my opinion.[/COLOR]
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