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[SIZE=1]G'day folks.

I just thought I'd take a few moments to set up my own little corner in this here Art Studio. Up until recently, most of my 'art' - anime-ish character designs, really - was hand-drawn, and if I wanted to put it anywhere I'd just dig out the old junkheap of a scanner and...[COLOR=DimGray] [I][/blah][/I][/COLOR]

Anyway, now that I've gotten m'self a graphics tablet, and have actually figured out how to use the graphics programs on my computer to a limited extent, I'm going to give you all a little peek. Enjoy...

[I][B][URL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/30871970/]Juylan the Guado[/URL][/B][/I]
This is relatively recent, but not exactly new. There was an FFX RP up in the inn about a month (?) ago, and though I prepared a sign-up in Word and went as far as to make this image of my character, I never actually signed up for it. I took some advice on the colouring from the How To Draw Manga site, and I think all-in-all it turned out pretty darn well.

[I][B][URL=http://www.deviantart.com/view/30871452/]Cathlyn Goldberg[/URL][/B][/I]
Made this one today, to go with my sign-up for Oblivion's [I]Shadow Faction[/I] RP, and partly out of a lack of anything better to do. It isn't quite completed, in terms of a lack of shading, but I'll be working on the improved version tomorrow.

[i][b][URL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/30915621/]Cathlyn Goldberg #2[/URL][/i][/b]
Decided to do another pose for Cath, and I think it turned out quite well. Sadly, though the shading was quite easily visible on my laptop screen, the shades in the lighter colours (ie. most of the picture) are more difficult to tell apart on my desktop - and thus, presumably, on yours too.[/SIZE]
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