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Request Stand Alone Complex Banner Request


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[COLOR=Indigo]I would like a banner from Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex please. With the character Motoko Kusanagi in it specifically.

3D images can be used as well as the anime. As far as sizes go, I prefer it to be the basic banner size of 500 width and 100 heighth. I do not want it similar in size to my avatar. Other than that, have fun.

I also want "Yearning, Calling" added somewhere on the banner as well. Thanks.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#656446]^ Wow, this is like, "Long time no see" yeah? How's it feel like to be doing requests again?


EDIT: BTW, I thought you requested for an avatar as well but you didn't. Gonna throw it into the package anyways. ^^

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[size=1];_; Deltaaaa! Stop trying to upstage me with your flashy newfangled style. [/whine]

It feels alright to be doing requests again, but it's not like I'm doing it to pass the time. Japan's my friend like that, so I decided to help her a bit. But thanks to your banner, my time will be hurtfully thrown away. I hope you're happy with yourself.

And Japan, do you want me to try an avatar to see what I come up with?[/size]
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