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Writing Scariest non manga comic book character


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[SIZE=1]The absolute scariest non-anime character I've met so far has to be Marv, from both the Sin City movie and graphic novels. Actually, he's not really terrifying, he just can pull stunts that no living person can.

To be honest, I'm terrified of Scorpius, from the now-cancelled sci-fi series Farscape. He's half Scarran and Sebacean (sorta like a human-lizard hybrid), and is the most intelligent character in the show. But it's not his intelligence that scares me, it's his actions. He is a terrifying, ruthless, schemeing sonuvagun, and he always remains [I]so calm[/I] throughout everything. Even in the last season, when he is literally on Moya with the main characters, he can be helping them one moment and plotting against them the next.

I'm very serious. I'm not lying about that.

(p.s. It's so nice to finally have time to come back to the boards. I had some papers to do, and I just finished one of them... :animesmil )[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=green]Favourites threads are not allowed on Otakuboards. This thread is just skirting that line. I'm going to leave it open for now, but you need to make sure that any comment you make in here has [i]full[/i] justification of [i]why[/i] you like something -- or the thread will be closed. [/color][/size]
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Well, the penguin because he's all messed up. Do they ever explain WHY he looks like a penguin? And also because of his umbrella.
The riddler because of his tacky outfit. (Joking, joking...) Actually because I don't like riddles.
The joker because I've always had a fear of clowns.

Back in the 90's they had this cartoon called Evil Ernie or something like that. I always thought it was scary.
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