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Art Globe 2006


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[color=crimson] Having a bit of time on my hands today since I couldn't get onto NewGrounds, I decided to have a go at remaking one of my old wallpapers, done a few years back, with the photoshopping skills I have today.

I was quite happy with the markable improvement. It is indeed much closer to what I had in mind to do with the original Destiny Globe, but was limited graphically in what I could do.

Here's the original Destiny Globe, done around 2002 for the Otaku's Digmon section...


And here's Globe 2006, the remake with Dragonball Z characters instead of the Digimon ones, an dmore advanced loghting and shading on the globe, to make it more, uh, globey. :p


So, what do you think, any improvements I could make? [/color]
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