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A [B]lot[/B] of romance anime tend to be about school kids, but any DVD series will cost you a good chunk of income. The average series DVD costs about $30 for 4 episodes. I suggest some movies. [I]Whisper of the Heart[/I] is pretty good. It is one of Miyazaki's films and the only one his protege directed. If you are willing to see more than just school years, I suggest [I]Millenium Actress[/I] and [I]The Place Promised in Our Early Days.[/I] Both are beautiful works of art. [I]Millenium Actress[/I] follows an actress from when she is a young girl to when she is an old woman while she searches for a painter. [I]The Place Promised[/I] is about two best friends who share a dream and a crush. It is a science-fiction-type film.
Movies won't cost overly much, but almost any boxset is from $60 to $150.
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