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Manga My story, what do you think?


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This is my story.....

Chapter 1: Fatal Memories

That was all in the past.
Everything was in the past?
My life, my friends, my family.
I missed them all, but that was in the past.
I woke up, it was morning and the sunshine had hit my eyes. Lying on top of my chest was a bunch of papers that said, ?Repo...?
?Wha??? I was still in a daze after my short amount of sleep.
?Yeah, we got instructions to take all this stuff back.? A small fragile Japanese man was in front of me, and he had a clipboard filled with papers.
?Yeah? Well, tell the person who sent you to get a life, or I?ll kick his ***.?
The man nodded his head and quickly dashed away. I looked at the papers, then at my old watch. It was 2:00 pm, and I was ditching class?. Again.
I had just moved an inch, and 3 tall men came into my room, and took out the bed I had bought. -_-;
I was screwed up, my back was anyway. I could barely move. I had been working on a new storyline for an anime I was working on the night before.
?Yeah?Damn, I just wanted that bed. Oh well, back to the crappy couch for me.?
I said those words with little expression. At that split second, I punched a hole into the wall. Japan? That was my wish, and my wish had come true.
I sat on my chair, and got ready to work for the day.
I was expecting guest to come over and help me get the anime I was creating under way.
?Boy, working for Tokyopop is a pain in the ***... Hun??
I looked at the broken calendar next to me. A big Kanji or Chinese symbol was on today?s date.
?Oh, yeah. I?m going to go see mom again today. I am going to be 19 soon.? I looked at my watch, and then I stared out my window, and looked out at Tokyo. I missed home, but my dreams were here.
+ + + +
I remembered the day I left my home.
My friends were all there. My mom was in tears, and everything was dark.
?Gil! Hold onto my Saber! I?ll be back for it!?
Everyone waved, as I walked alone, and I cried as well. The Airplane ride was depressing, and as soon as things were going to look bad. I stepped out of the plane, and met a woman named Hiromu Arakawa, the creator of Full Metal Alchemist, a famous anime in Japan.
After that, my life took off. She had bought me a house; ad then she got me a job at Tokyopop a Manga company. Manga, Anime? Japanese style Animation, Japanese style Comics.
These hobbies became my dreams, and then these dreams became my reality.
The Sun was now much brighter, and it burned my eyes. To be blind by something like that? it killed me inside.
I had lived in this town for about 2 years.
The Daily commute was harsh, and to hear the voices of people speaking Japanese was still new to me. So, I got to packing. I was heading back to the states to visit my past.
My boss let me go, (Funny, I?m my own boss)
And I was looking at old memories.
My Journal, An old book, my FIRST Manga.
All sat in a box, Lifeless.
It was like a body in a coffin. They seemed so beautiful, and peaceful.
As they rested in forever slumber.
The phone rang, and I ran off to pick it up.
The ringing of the phone annoyed me. It wasn?t like other phones that just ring, this phone play the tune of ?Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star?. Problem was that it never finished playing the entire song. It would just play a part over and over again. It reminded me of my brothers. The voices of them arguing, the consent battles over MY Playstation 2?.
I missed it all. Outside, you could hear clanking.
The Bullet train had just left. It was the Tokaido Shinkansen heading towards Kyoto. The phone call was the reason I missed the train?.
People at work saying good-bye.
The Click- Clack of the train was now gone, so I grabbed my bags, locked my doors, and walked out of the building.
? ?.. So, here I go.?
I walked down the street and tried to catch a Taxi, yet I was horrible at it, so it did take some time. My cell phone rang. It was the theme from a video game called ?Kingdom Hearts?. The piece of music was called ?Dearly Beloved?. I left that ring for only one person?.
?Hi, mom.? I said was a loud sigh.
?Where the Hell are you?!? I rolled my eyes. Silence was held over the phone.
?I?m still in Tokyo, mom.?
?Well, you said you?d be home two weeks ago.?
Again, I rolled my eyes. The taxi soon pulled up to the airport in Tokyo,
(I was heading to the Kyoto train so I could go to work?. Didn?t want to go home Today) and I got a ticket and prepared to leave and return to my home town, Chicago.
I missed it for a little while. I looked out the window, and I turned off my cell phone. We were lifting off soon.
?Man, going home?s gonna be weird?.?
I looked out the window again. We had taken off, and the clouds were floating along side the plain, as if they were saying good-bye.
?Good-bye, Japan?.My home.?
I saw black, and then I saw the sky.
A male voice spoke to me.
?Hey! He lived! Oh well, you?re now mine to play with. Here, grow some wings??
I felt a horrid pain in my back. It felt like a bullet being shot into my back.
Then beautiful angel wings grew out.
One was white, and it gleamed in the sunlight. The other wing was a blackish purple, and the moved slowly as though it was in pain due to the sunlight.
?Have fun!? The voice said, before I found myself trying to stay up in the air. Then, it appeared? A sword with roses engraved in it, floated right in front of me.
?The Red Rose Katana?.
With this, you will have the power to save, or destroy this world?.so? what do you choose??
I didn?t have an answer yet?. I grabbed it, and fell at lighting speed. Then I commanded my wings to fly?
So, I did.
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