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Many decades ago in heaven there was conflict. Many angels didnt like the way god was doing things and didnt want to go to hell so they broke off of heaven. The frist angel to do this was the angel of death the grim shortly after words several hundred left with him. They astablished the order called the reapers but as in history there are always faults in a civilization. The grim wanted them to turn more twards luscifer and ordan a political leader wanted them to turn more twards god. There was a war, a short one at that, but still a war. In the war ordan was killed to be replaced by kardiz. kardiz was a tactision and soon banished the grim and his followers below ground for there ingnorance kardiz named the grim and his followers the dark reapers thereby naming himself and his people the white reapers.But the grim and his people several decades afterwords lost there wings from being underground for so long and gained the ability nightsight which the white reapers still lack. Many years after that moment there were several small wars or skrimishes between the dark reapers and the white reapers neither hav gained or lost ground but know each hav gained in numbers and kardiz fears there will be war soon.

note: ok whats going to happen is there will be a war at which the fate of who wins the war will be decided by me at a later date. also no killing eachother unless the person you want to kill gives you permission to kill them.

you can choose between dark reapers wich were black cloaks and weild syths they have no wings or the white reapers they were white cloaks and weild syths they have wings or you can just be human note:if you want something speacial private message me.
if you are a dark reaper start in the meeting hall with grim giving a war speach.
if you are a white reaper start on a white floating hidden city above the cloads having a meeting about the war.
if you are human dont start in the catacombs unless you stumble in on accident and go exploring and you can start in the floating city but you can start anywere in new york you want.
note: all the reapers including the dark reapers and white reapers used to have wings but after the dark reapers were banished under ground several decades afterwords they lost there wings as a adaptation. And anyone who thinks this whole thread is invalid it not supposed to be valid i made it up.

[font=Arial][size=2]pleese make a character sheet and post it:

discription: what you look like
rank: were you stand in the armys
age: 15-700
gender:self explanitory
side: human,dark,white
personality:explain your characters personality
equipment: only 2 weapons
writing: sample:at least 2 pharagraphs

[font=Arial][size=2]these are the requirments you have to show to join

heres my charcter sheet as an example

[/size][/font]name: prowler
discription: black hair blck wings dark green eyes 5'10 134lbs. or see pic
rank: grims son general
side: dark reaper
personality: darkness
equipment: syth or see pic
writing sample prowler stood by his father staring out over the seemingly endless ranks of dark reapers the war had begun in 2 days millions of dark reapers would overflow the city of new york and force the white reapers to come down from there skyscrapers and defend there city this was war. prowler was grims son they didnt realy have much of a father son relationship but what they did have grim had made prowler one of his generals prowler had comand of about 500,000 elite dark reapers enough to turn the tide of even the bigest battles and prowler had proven his worth many times when the darkreapers and the white reapers had many underground skrimishes.

prowler went to one of hi lutenient and told him to gather the elites and to meet him in one of the old meeting chambers prowlers plan was to attack the city before the main bulk of the army arived and copletly over throw it so that he could prove to his father that he was more than just one of his officers but a great general he quikly found the meeting chamber that his soldiers were in and started his speach.
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Guest blooming
name: ishikozia kenshizoka
discription:a black robe that has a black halter top and black mini skirt underneath it and she has long black hair that is always in pigtails that reach below her knees
rank:she is the leader of the magic beings(please can it be like this please?my character wont be the same if she isnt a magic being)
side:the evil side which i think is the dark reapers but shes a magical being
personality:dark,mature,mysterious and cold and has a mysterious past
equipment:a staff thats all black and a double sided sword
writing:ishikozio stood alone after midnight.it was a human.figures she thought."um can you help the poor?"said the weak human scared to death by the sight of her."no way"she said darkly then brought out the sword and then attacked the human."ha weak human!"she said."you shouldnt attack people like that!"said her old master."you!"ishizokio said."yep and i come to get you back under my control!"said hishikio her old master.

"no way"said ishizokio.then she took out her staff and yelled an attack."karseno ashitoki!"she shouted.A ring of darknesss surrouned her and then she attack hishikio with full force and almost killed him but then the sun began to rise.She ran home.She swore she would avenge her father.Her father was the darkest man in the universe but then the white reapers killed her father and since that day she took over the family name.
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Name: Samantha Reed

Looks: Pink capries, a white tank with a pink fishnet top over the tank. White and pink cheerleader shoes and a pink viser tilted to the right. Blonde hair tied in a ponytail, gray blue eyes, and a almost constant impassive look on her face. Very skinny, looks anorexic. About 5'3''.

Rank: future major, isn't in the army yet.


gender: female

side: human, future white

personality: impassive, she's your basic girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Growing up in the bad part of new york, she stays emotionless. Emotions are signs weakness, the strong are the only ones who deserve to exist.

equipment: a basic getto new yorker. A pocket knife in her pocket, along with a lock pick and her self defense skills. Let's just say, if she wanted to take karate, she'd already be a black belt.

RPG sample: "Sugar, come here." The man looked towards the shadow and came closer.
"Whose there?" He asked timidly. His clothing was a dead give away that he was a tourist. A rich and lost one at that.
"Your lost aren't you?" He nodded and a small girl walked out of the shadows. "Don't worry, I help you out. See that subway station there?" She walked up and turned his body so he was facing the station. "Take the F train to Brooks then switch to the C. It'll take ya to times sqaure."
"Thanks young lady." He walked off to do as she said. She simple smirked. Another man came out of the shadows and put his hand on her shoulder.
"That was cruel Sam, not only did you steal his wallet, but you just sent him straight to the gang war area."
"Who cares? Come on, dinners on me." She reached into the man's black wallet and pulled out his lisence and Visa card. "Actually, it's on Eric Meiyer."
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