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Sign Up The Guardians' Plight [M-LV]


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[color=navy]It was late night at Lake Lawn Cemetery. A student from a local high school was snooping around, trying to prove whether someone really died or if it was just some elaborate hoax. The boy had reason to doubt the mysterious legion that had floated around his school for almost 50 years.

This story told of a perfectly healthy, star football player that suddenly dropped dead on the playing field one game, and now his ghost haunted the school, pulling random and mysterious pranks from time to time. Now the student had no trouble believing that this person actually existed; his picture, stats, and a district championship trophy with his name on it, were all displayed in the front lobby of the school. It was whether he was truly dead.

?The administration probably faked his death just to get some free publicity,? he said quietly as he walked along the grassy isles, a shovel slung over his shoulder. ?They were probably as much out for the spotlight half a century ago as they are now.? He stopped in front of a fairly aged, moss-covered grave stone. The stone read:
[CENTER]Chad Baker
June 5, 1988-March 20, 2005
Our Teddy Bear
A picture of a teddy bear was engraved in the stone below the writing. Well, here it is, he thought as he took the shovel off his shoulder.

?I wouldn?t do that if I were you,? a female?s voice echoed from the darkness.

?Wh-who?s there?? the boy asked nervously as he whorled around looking for the source of the voice. A gust of wind blew through the depressing old graveyard. He sighed, thinking his mind was playing tricks on him. As he turned back to the grave, the boy toppled over out of shock and fright. Sitting on top of Chad?s headstone was a young woman who didn?t look a day over 25. She was dressed in a pure white, ninja-like outfit, her silky brown hair pulled back into a high pony tail. An intricate gold cross hung from a thin gold chain around her neck.

This mysterious woman almost seemed as if she had a spot light shining down upon her, but as far as the boy could see, there were no other lights in the cemetery. ?Wh-wh-who a-are you?? He finally managed to stammer out a question.

?Hm? let?s see,? she put her finger to her chin in thought, then leapt down to face him, placing one hand below the hilt of her katana strapped to her waist. ?I?m just someone who doesn?t want to see the resting place of a kind young man defaced.? She slowly drew her sword. The boy, with a look of both fright and shock, immediately got up and high tailed it out of the grave yard.

?What a baby,? the woman laughed to herself as she sheathed her sword.

?Come on, Ally. You know you?re not supposed to do that.? A large teenage boy, who stood over six feet tall, appeared behind Ally. He was wearing grey slacks and a white football jersey with the number sixty-six printed in maroon lettering. He also seemed to be admitting the same unearthly glow. ?You can?t let yourself be seen by the living unless it?s to protect someone from mortal danger.?

?Well, I?m sorry, but I had to make an exception in this case. He was going to dig up your grave.?

Chad sighed, ?I know. Without my grave intact and maintained, I can?t descend from Heaven.?

?Yup! And we can?t have you stuck in Paradise for the rest of eternity. Not when there are still people down here who need your help.?

?But there seems to be lesser need for guardian angels as there used to be.?

?You?re right,? Ally?s smug grin faded to a serious expression, ?We?re down to just reducing petty crimes. There hasn?t been any major conflict in the world in almost 40 years.?

?I guess ?World Peace? has come at last,? Chad added, smiling.

Ally just sat down on the cool grass and gazed up at the clear starry night. ?Yeah, but at what price??[/color]


[COLOR=DarkRed][I]The year is 2058. After much reform in the US and world governments, the nations of the World now stand on the verge of real peace. Many believe this is the perfect time to live. However, the balance of Yin and Yang is off. The Light greatly outweighs the Darkness, and this balance must be restored, even if it is by Satan himself?[/I][/COLOR]


[color=green][font=Comic Sans MS]Welcome to my very first RPG, The Guardians? Plight. Today (3/29/06), marks exactly one year since my brother?s friend, Chad Barcia, passed away due to sudden cardiac death. I originally came up with this story as a way to help myself deal with the pain, but eventually came up with the idea to turn it into an RPG.

In case you didn?t figure it out, this story takes place about 50 years in the future. There is an Underground thread [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52826]here[/URL] that contains much more detailed information, please read it before signing up. Also, just because you sign up, doesn?t mean you?re automatically in, but don?t worry, I?m not too strict, just make sure you at least put some effort into your sign up. If you have any questions regarding the sign up or the story in general, feel free to PM me. Now onto the [U]Sign Up:[/U][/font]

Years Lived:[/B] (birth year to death year; being as your character?s grave is what allows them to descend to Earth, their birth year shouldn?t be earlier than 1850).
[B]Age at Death:[/B] (just for reference)
[B]Personality:[/B] (optional)
[B]Location of Origin:[/B] (Country or general region where your character lived)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (picture or description)
[B]Weapons:[/B] (optional, no more than two, please)
[B]Type of spirit:[/B] (Angelic or Demonic, if Angelic, please specify guardian, mercy, or conscience)
[B]Life Bio:[/B] (short story of your character?s life)

[font=Comic Sans MS]I?ll post my sign up later. Good luck and have fun![/font][/color]
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Name: Neko
Years Lived: 2001-2020
Age at Death: 19
Personality: She has split personalities, one evil and violent, the other quiet and shy. Her evil side dreams of taking over the world and is always plotting something. Her good side however, only dreams of having a simple life with only a few friends. Each side has one thing in common; they are both very playful and naive.
Location of Origin: Japan
Appearance: She is half-cat, half-human. She has black cat ear along with a black tail and fangs. She also has long black hair that she ties up when in battle. She has bright emerald green eyes that shine like a cat in the dark. (This also causes her to see very well at night) She stands at about 5?4 and is somewhat curvy.
Weapons: samurai sword.
Life Bio: She was abbandoned by the side of a road at age 7. She has held a grudge against her parents for doing so. For 12 long years she lived in an abanonded apratment, teaching herself with a samurai sword. The sword had been passed down for generation to generation eversince samurai's came to be. At 19, she got in a fight with a mysterious person and was killed. She died with her sword in hand and she had an emotional attachment to it so it came with her to the afterlife.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Name[/B] Dylexia Hunt

[B]Year Lived[/B] 1990 - 2016

[B]Age At Death[/B] 26

[B]Personality[/B] Dylexia was mischievous at times but more often than not a very kind and gentle person. She had a big heart and was friendly to almost everyone she met.

[B]Location Of Orgin[/B] France

[B]Appearance[/B] See picture.

[B]Weapons[/B] A few throwing knives and a fan with bladed edges.

[B]Type Of Spirit[/B] Angelic-Conscience

[B]Life Bio[/B] Dylexia was known to be kind to everyone and that is what took her life.

Dylexia was born to a single mother who was raped one night and decided to keep the child. Her mother worked almost all day to try and keep Dylexia fed and in school. Sadly, at the age of 25 she died leaveing an 8 year old Dylexia to be shipped from foster home to foster home. Finally at the age of 10 she landed into a decent family and reamained there till she turned eighteen.

Dylexia had learned that if you are kind to eveyone then things go alot smoother. She had started studying to become a teacher when she turned twenty. She acheived that goal at the age of 24, but things wern't going to be that easy. At the school she was hired at eveyone was trying for the top position in their department. The head of the science department was the best position and all the science teachers wanted that one. It became a neck and neck race between Dylexia (Ms. Hunt) and Andrea (Mrs. Noki). Mrs. Noki's students realized that their beloved teacher was never going to win if Ms. Hunt wasn't taken out of the competition. They all knew about her reputation of being nice to everyone even if they had cruel intentions.

One day they devised a plan to have one of their students fake a broken ankle to get Ms. Hunt's attention. They would then cut her throat and shove her into the lake on the outskirts of town. The plan worked perfectly and they had killed Ms. Hunt on her 26th birthday.

Dylexia's corpse was found a year later and buried out in Celce Mun (Cell-say Moon) Cemetary, close to where she was born.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=green]Looking good!

[b]Name:[/b] Ally Parker

[b]Years Lived:[/b] 1896-2021

[b]Age at Death:[/b] 35

[b]Personality:[/b] Ally can be a bit qiet and reserved at times, but once you get her started on something, there's no stopping her. She has a tendency to get really passionate about helping those who need it and believes everyone deserves a second chance.

[b]Location of Origin:[/b] Southeastern United States

[b]Appearance:[/b] [i]Coming Soon![/i]

[b]Weapons:[/b] Katana (Japanese sword)

[b]Type of Spirit:[/b] Angelic- Guardian

[b]Life Bio:[/b] [i]Coming Soon![/i]

OOC~ Sorry guys! I left out a few things. But all should become clear once you read the [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52826]Underground thread[/URL] I've just set up. Please make sure you read it!

Okay Sky Moonflow, you're sign up is great, you're in. NekoSama101, there are a few details I'd like you to change: the appearance should be more of a human one, and unless you'd like your character to be a demonic spirit, I would suggest you take out the part about the split personality. But if you'd like your character to be a demonic spirit (see Underground for details), just PM.

I've revised the sign up criteria. So new people pay close mind to that, but Sky Moonflow, you don't have to change anything. Alright?[/color]
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