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[color=green]Alright I guess due to the confusing nature of "The Guardians' Plight", creating an underground thread for this was ineveitable. If stumbled across this thread by chance, [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52787]click here[/URL] to get filled in. I'm pretty using this to define so key aspects of the world this story takes place in, but if you have any questions, please feel free to post them here.[/color]

[color=navy]The world that this story takes place in is ruffly 50 years into our future, so basically all of the world's events up to our current point in time have happened.

[b]In that 50 year period[/b], the Iraqi War, initiated by the US, came to a horrible conclution. Despirate to end the war once and for all, the government authorized the use of Nuclear warheads. These were then dropped on Iraq, Afganastan, and several other Middle Eastern nations. The United Nations and the American people, equally apauled by this, called for immediate reform of the US government. Millitary power was stripped down to esencial defence, freeing up millions of dollars in government funds to be used towards public education and heath care, social security, and other such programs. Also, representatives in congress were now required by law to vote the way majority of their state or district would want, if not, they could be fired, or even arested. These actions set the pace for the progressive and peaceful world that would exsist in 2058.

[b]The idea of Heaven and Hell[/b], that exsist in this story is taken mostly from the Christian belief, but with a few alterations. Basicly if you're for the most part good in life, you be youself, treat others kindly and don't try to take advatage of them, you'll asend to Heaven and you will become an angelic spirit. If you sin, no matter what it is, and you truely feel sorry for your actions, than you still go to Heaven. If you're corrupt and you are not sorry for the sins you committed and the people you hurt, you're soul is condemmed to Hell and you become a demonic spirit and a servent of Satan.

Notice that the qualifications for Heaven and Hell did not include race, age, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. That's because these things don't matter because we are all human, and as long as we enbrace and accept the way we were born, we're good. (Sorry, if that sounded a little religious; this is just the set up for the story and in no way am I trying to inpose on your beliefs.)

[b]The Angels[/b] that can decend from Heaven all share on thing in common, they all have some sort of grave or memorial that links their soul to Earth. If their grave becomes destroyed, or if their is no one alive on Earth that remembers that person, the link is destroyed and that soul must remain in Heaven. Now there are three types of angels that can desend to Earth (*more may be added later):

[u]Guardian[/u]- Clearly the most important in this story. Their job is obvious, to protect people on Earth from harm without being seen by the person they're protecting. Despite popular belief, every person on Earth is not assigned their oun Guardian, this would be a waist of resources since no one needs to be protected 24/7.
Guardian Angels include~ [i]Coming Soon![/i]

[u]Mercy[/u]- These angels help to ease the physical pain and suffering of the living. Sometimes this is done by healing the sick or injured, other times it involves helping that person pass on. The latter has earned them the nickname "Angels of Death"
Mercy Angels include~ [i]Coming Soon![/i]

[u]Conscience[/u]- As the name implies, these angels act as a person's conscience. They remain invisible to the living, but wisper to them suggestions to do the right thing. Depending on the purity of the person's soul depends on how persuasive their conscience can be.
Consciences include~ [i]Coming Soon![/i]

[b]As for those in Hell[/b], the demonic spirits are tied to the same rules of going to Earth as the angelic spirits, they must have some sort of grave or memorial in place. Most demonic spirits do the bidding of Satan, wispering evil suggestions to people, tempting people into sin.
Demonic Spirits include~ [i]Coming Soon![/i][/color]

[color=green]I really hope this helped to clear up some of the confusion. Just be patient with me, I'm new to running my oun RPG :animeswea [/color]
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