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St. Sakura

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[COLOR=Magenta]~**Crossing Worlds, Crossing Time**~[/COLOR]
A Chrono Cross Fanfic by: St. Sakura

Summary: A young man from the year of 2006 travels to the El Nido Archipelago on a vacation with others. He stumbles across Opassa Beach and finds Serge laying on the shore. What will happen once this young man figures out the mysteries behind Serge's appearance in his world and why the CIA is after him. Contains Chapters 0-10.

**Note: I haven't played Chrono Cross all the way through but this is just a fanfic I've made up. Also, Serge is my fave bishonen character in the game. ^_~ And I do not own the characters, Squaresoft does, but I own my created character (CC) Mitsu.

This fanfic contains yaoi situations (male/male relationships) If you are of the non-yaoi loving nature, turn back now. If not, I hope you like the fanfic. Also, it contains strong language, nudity, blood/gore, and violence, so it's rated R. Enjoy.

[COLOR=Blue]Chapter 0: GoodBye[/COLOR]
Serge ran through the dark pathways of a huge godforsaken castle, his hands stained with blood. He stopped in front of a mirror in the middle of the pathway. His hair was unruly, his clothes soaked with blood and water, his face dirty with small cuts on his pale cheeks. He breathed heavily, trying not to break the mirror with his hands. Or head, for that matter. He rumaged through his pockets to pull out the Astral Amulet Kid gave him when she was stricken with Hydra poisoning. Serge gripped it tightly then ran to his left, holding the item close to his chest. He ran right through a pair of double doors and tumbling out onto cobblestones, hitting his head against a rock. He groaned lowly as he held his forehead, standing up. Serge held the Amulet up and yelled, ''Take me to where I won't hurt anyone else ever again!!!'' As Serge yelled out, he disappeared in a flash of blue green light, leaving nothing of where he was but the blood stained bootprints on the cobblestones.

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Chapter 1: ReBirth[/COLOR]
Inside of a dark apartment, a young blonde haired boy tossed and turned from a nightmare. Beads of swear formed on his face, the color from his cheeks drained, and his long black bangs clinging to his face. His hands gripped the black bedsheets tightly as he whimpered in his sleep. ''Please, you can't...no..'' He began to sob softly. ''I beg of you..don't hurt him! What has he done to you?!'' The face of a feline appeared as his face loomed over the young man and a body. He stepped forward as he fell to his knees, grabbing the body's shoulder and turning them over slowly. He sobbed, cradling the broken body of a dark-blue haired boy, whose face had the look of anguish and sadness in his eyes. The blonde haired boy woke up, tears streaming down his face as he sat up slowly, wearing a green shirt and white boxer shorts. That same dream, he thought. The dream I've been having since I won that trip.. He looked at the clock. 7:09 AM. He yawned as he climbed out of the large bed and walked to the bathroom, turning on the light. The bathroom had everything he needed: a toilet, a sink, a shower, and a mirror. But everything was all white. His light green eyes stared at his reflection in the mirror, placing his hands on the sink. His face was still pale from the nightmare and his face felt like it was on fire. He turned on the shower, taking off his shirt and boxers and stepping into the shower. He felt the cold water rush over his body as he looked up at the ceiling. ''Who was that boy I held in my arms..?''

Later, the blonde stepped out of the shower, grabbing a black towel and wrapping it around his medium built body. He shivered from the cold shower, droplets of water dripping from his long hair. He wanted to be different from everyone else, so he dyed the top part of his hair blonde and the bottom half black. He stood in front of the mirror and stared long and hard at his reflection. ''Mitsu, That plane leaves at 10:20, so you have about 3 or 4 hours to get your lazy ass in gear and pack,'' he told to his reflection. ''If not, winning the trip to the world's most beautiful place was a waste of your pathetic life.''
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[size=1][color=#B2566B]Oh howdy, [B]St. Sakura[/B] and welcome to my domain... I mean to say, the [B]OB Anthology[/B]. First, before I begin anything else, I'd like to request that you read the [B]OB Anthology Basics[/B]. There you shall find absolutely wonderful answers and whatnot to your questions about anything, well anything within this area. It will also help with your understanding of a [B]Rating System[/B] as well as constructive critcism and other standards.

Please remember that any thread without a rating, they will be closed on sight. If you wish to reopen this thread, please do so but remember a rating from here on out.

THREAD CLOSED.[/size][/color]
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