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[center][color=crimson][b][u]The Cargo Bay
Stargate Excalibur Underground[/u][/b][/color]


Clearly this is going to serve as the Nexus for all OOC discussion and the like for Stargate Excalibur. Firstly I?d like to say thanks to those of you who are signing up, I really want this to be special. Now as I said in the Recruitment Thread quite a few nations know about the Stargate now so here?s a list of the main contributors and then links to the list with the rest.
[*]United States of America ? [i]Controllers of the Program.[/i]
[*]Russian Federation ? [i]Ran their own program with the Second Gate for a short time.[/i]
[*]United Kingdom ? [i]Informed along with China and France due to position on the Security Council.[/i]
[*]China ? [i]Informed along with UK and France due to position on the Security Council.[/i]
[*]France ? [i]Informed along with China and UK due to position on the Security Council.[/i]
Those are the main players seeing as they?ve know about the Stargate the longest but after Anubis attacked the Ancient Outpost in Antarctica the program was disclosed to the members of the Antarctic Treaty so a research station could be built at the Outpost, here?s a link with a list of the countries within the Antarctic Treaty.

[b][url=http://www.antarctica.ac.uk/About_Antarctica/Treaty/]The Antarctic Treaty Members[/url][/b]

So there?s the main bit of information for this first post. If you?ve any questions, comments, suggestions and so on please feel free to post them here.[/color][/size]
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