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Sign Up OMG_KINGDOMHEARTS!!! (rated M-Mature)


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If you're familiar with the OMG crack-roleplays on LiveJournal, then you know how this works!

Kingdom Hearts characters (including those who died in the games) wake up in a new world to discover that they have been cloned, and the clones are extremely unlike the originals. Beyond that, rampant chaos ensues. The new world is riddled with plotholes, which have the power to drastically alter whatever they encounter--especially the PCs. Everybody is entitled to post whatever situation strikes their fancy.

Applicable Characters:
Riku Replica
Organization Members

Sorry, but if I let any strictly Disney or strictly FF characters in, there would be too much chaos even for one of these crack things. ABSOLUTELY NO FRIKKING MARY-SUE OR GARY-STU CHARACTERS

Here's what you need:
Character: You can either be In Character (referred to as IC character name) or Out Of Character (referred to as OOC character name), but only one OOC per character. I guess you can have up to two characters per player, as per the LiveJournal games, but ONLY TWO CHARACTERS. You can play two ICs, two OOCs, or one of each.
Personality: If an IC, explain how you interpret this IC character. If OOC, explain what drastic changes have occurred to his/her psychology. For instance, OOC Larxene may be a lesbian, or OOC Kairi may be a machine-gun-toting goth chick with an attitude problem.
Agreement: NO HYPER-EXPLICIT SEXUALITY. Certain things do not go out in public, even here (even though on LJ they usually do). If Axel is walking down a hall naked, please do not directly post a fanart of him doing so, no matter how sexy he may be. Instead, you can link to the picture and alert everybody what is in it before they click, so those who do not want to see him naked, don't have to. Put "YES" or "NO" in the Agreement space, so I know if this needs to be on LiveJournal instead so ppl can live out their wild sides.

Homo or hetero couplings are allowed as long as any and all players involved are aware of and agree to the relationship (JUST LIKE REAL LIFE OMG).

I'll see how many ppl sign up. If we get enough, I'll start this sucker.
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