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Educated Horses

Box Hoy

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My favorite artist of all time, Rob Zombie, just released his new album on the 28th last month. It's so good. After having had alot of time to listen to it, I've gotta say it's his darkest and softest album.

Rob Zombie put his music career on hold after Sinister Urge to work on House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects and now that, that is finished he's returned. My favorite song off of the new album is The Lords of Salem.

The term Educated Horses is derived from some of Rob's experiences as a child when his parents worked in the circus and he and his brother had to tag along.

So yeah. If I had to rate this album it would recieve a 10/10 but in my eyes it exceeds expectations and proves once again that R.Z. is a master.
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You're missing the point of his music though. It's shock rock. You never do things the same and take risks with your style and music. With this new album he's taken more of a hillbilly kind of guy and it's alot grayer themed. It fits his music perfectly though which is something which I don't see much anymore.
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