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[size=2]year 2007

Tori walked into the forest with his freind kegan and his girl freind chelse they had all decided that they had taken enough of there parents they had decided to run away that was 127 years ago now in


the desendants of tori kegan and chelse and other runaways have been spoted being called the blue ones because of there blue tinted skin and long pointed ears about 8 inch long the government has been informed by the police and have found most of these people at first the government planed to help them but when they found out that the blue ones had supirior physacal strength and were able to harness magic they tried to turn them into weapons of war but it back fired on them when they exacuted one for inobediance the blue ones revolted using magic and there new found military skills they fought the government on there own turms until the government killed all of them exept for 12 these 12 trained themselves for revenge and were soon more inteligent and intulectual then instein himself they had found new ways to harness magic and now they were out for revenge

ok if you are one of the blue ones you can either absolutly reak habic or you can try to repopulate your race thats up to you if your human you can either be on the governments side or on the blue ones side thats also up to you remember if you are a blue one you could easily dispatch a human to hell with the use of a few magic words or fight them in hand to hand combat and dont over due it with magic you get weaker every time you use it so some times you will be forced to rest This rp is about retrabution and revenge so remember that when you post if your human you start out were ever you want if you are one of the blue ones you start out in the forest Note there can only be 12 blue ones. character sheet sign ups

blue ones disciption: blus ones are 6"0 to 7"0 tall they way 150-300 pounds have magical powers have improved sences and strength they have better reflexes and speed and have blue tinted skin and ears that are 8inched long
Name:what ever you want

Age: if you are a blue one 40-1100 human 12-40

Gender: self explanitory

Side: blue ones government

Race: blue one or human any thing else pm me first and let me aprove it

Weapons: only 2 weapons if you are a blue one keep it medieval or a military dagger if you are a human government side use machine guns and if you

are human blue ones side use like a revolver or a knife something like that if you want to use a specail weapon pm me first

Rank: only if your government or if you are a blue one the first male to sign up will be alpha male and the first female to sign up with be alpha female

Personality:self explanitory

short character snipet: why they are out for revenge

Aperance: either describe you person or use a pic if you are going to use a pic for a blue one they look sort of like a night elf only a little shorter ears

my sign up Note im not alpha male next male to sign up will be

Name: Aaven Menen



Side: blue ones

Race: blue one

Weapons: a blue long sword having a blue blade and a black hilt and handle

Rank: second male blue one Note secon in comand

Personality: imature and outgoing he respects all life and will only kill if necisary or if he is being attackd

Aperance:short black hair blue skin emerald eyes long pointed ears defined muscles/ 8 pack 6'2 and weighs 198lbs.

character snipet: still tryping on microsoft word
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