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RPG DBZ after Goku (play)


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It has been a long time since the times of Goku and the rest of the Z fighters. Thanks to Goku earth had became a safe place once again......or so people thought.
Post your stats like this:


Fighting stats will be split up into five different sections:

Please no more than six thousand on each stat to start off but they can be raised with training. Super Saiyan levels 1-4 are available on this rpg but can only be reached through a suitable reason eg. death of friend or family member. but no super saiyans to start off.

My stats
Name: Gohan
Age: 14
Bio: Is a decendant of Goku as he is great Grandson of Goten. He lives with his parents in a small village out in the middle of nowhere. He has been in training ever since he was a young boy thanks to his father kaikro.
Appearance: has clothes like Trunks when he first comes back in time but also has the orange clothes that goku always wears.

fighting stats:
Speed: 6,000
Agility: 6,000
Dexterity: 6,000
Ki: 6,000

Hurry up and sign up. this rpg will be starting shortly but of course new members will always be welcome.
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Age: 30 but went chibi and is beging to grow up again so he is now 12 years old (but really 30)
Bio:son of bra and goten and inharited vegetas and goku's powers so he can do all their enegry blasts
Appearance:stongest kid yet spikey brown/black hair,short,kind,can beat almost any one of the z-fighters in a fight

Fighting stats:
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Hey Gotenz i hate to be a nag but if your the son of goten and bra that would make you my grandfather but your yonger than me so could you please make up a different bio. Thanks a lot if you do.
On with the story

Gohan emerges from the nearby lake with a nhuge fish in his hand.

Gohan: Wow mom and dad are going to be pleased with this one!

He flies home and as he lands he is greeted by his mother.

Gohan's Mother: Where have you been?! I've been looking everywhere for you!

Gohan: I was out getting us some supper!

He holds up the big fish for his mother to see. she is extremely pleased and she goes inside and cooks it. After the meal Gohan goes and puts on a clean pair of shorts and heads for the gravity chamber. He turns the gravity up to 20 times the normal gravity. It is extremely hard to move but he quickly gets used to it. He starts doing flips and flies around for a bit and he then starts bench pressing.

After a few hours:
Gohan: 999,997 , 999,998, 999,999 , 1,000,000

He then takes a shower and get's ready for bed

Gohan's new stats:
Speed: 7,000
Agility: 7,000
Dexterity: 7,000
Ki: 7,000
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wai u r right oki will change it sorry

goes into capsuel corps time machine and sees many bad/evil people in the future and goes in thegravity camber spends a few hours in there

new stats:
all 7,000

- decides he will need help so he flys over to gohans house and they fly off together to meet mr. popo and dende so they can go int th room were 1 day = a year and enter an there trining begins fo the battel ahed
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Saiyaman [/i]
[B]Why are people making such sad topics these days? I mean DBZ play after goku?? Come on you can make something better than that. [/B][/QUOTE]
Yeah Saiyaman,
I guess Newbs these days show that they are newbs and act like newbs.
(ish confuzzled)
Britty will get pissed at me if she finds out that I said confuzzled lol! Oh and by the way don't get mad over what i just said about the new thingy.[/color][/size]
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