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Perhaps if he had just went to the funeral he wouldn't be suffering from the misfortune that he's facing now. the steam rose from the cup and brushed against his face, the heat toying and ticking his chin." I don't know why I didn't go." The sound of his sister's foot steps traveled throughout the house. she made her way to where he was seating in the bright yellow kitchen her foot steps suddenly stopped her lips pressed into a thin line that indicated a frown." You don't know much of anything do you?" Her voice oozed of irritation .Jack flinched." Maria...," "No I can't believe you?!" her voice rose to a hiss.
"You missed your own father's funeral!" Maria slammed her hands down on the table making it shake, the brown coffee splattered across the white table." You didn't even help us arrange it or anything!" her eyes narrowed on him, loose strains of hair falling over her face. she was waiting for a response, a sign of being even some what in mourning. The tension in the air was thick, almost seeping through the white tiled floors." Excuse me,"He stood up." For not wanting to see my father with a bullet through his ******* head." jack looked up at her through shaggy strains of hair, he wasn't trying to be cruel. She froze as if he had provoked her like she was doing to him only minutes earlier. "you can let your self out."

The steam from the coffee tickled his face teasing him with the aroma of almonds and chestnut .The coffee shop was quiet but he could still hear the buzz of people interacting with one another. "I think I made her cry." he said to no one in particular and looked down at the papers. They were obviously old; the edges were folded and yellow. "they must have been sitting there for over 20 years." he paused and took another sip of the warm cup of coffee before setting it back down on the black metal table. He skimmed over the documents pausing at one line. ?and to my two sons the business which I have ran for over 30 years' holy ****." he paused and reread that line. He had no intention of joining in on the family business. After all isn't that what had gotten his old man killed? But then again, he really NEEDED that money.
__________________________________________________ _____________
STORY: Jack's father the owner of a business that specialized in the transportation of money from criminals from all branches of the earth, is dead. Murdered in his own home while his wife of 40 years lied asleep in an upstairs bedroom. After forty years of business the empire his father created out of blood money and illegal shipping of goods was about to come to an end, jack wanted nothing to do with it or his deceased father. finally after the funeral, the will was read.

Jack's two sisters received the house that his father worked so hard to obtain.
to his mother, the deeds to land and property his father owned
and to his two sons that he cared so much again, his empire of a company under one condition.
The two brothers were to share ownership each year one was to take full control of the family business.
Time went by, days past after their fathers death, weeks, then months then finally a year. Little brother jack decided he needed the money and wanted to take over the business after all, one problem.
Over the year his brother now receiving the power he craved forever since he was in his teens refused to give up the company .The power struggle and feud. That would tear apart the family began dragging in others that had been wronged by his brother who seemed to rule the company with an iron fist and a blood stained one at that.

His brother left him out to rot, using legal and illegal maneuvering to remove his brother from the equation. Jack was pissed, an anger that couldn't be justified by saying "Well since he's my brother I'll let it slide" He wanted his revenge after being swindled out of his own inheritance by his own brother. He wasn't the one.
__________________________________________________ ________________

sign ups:


Gender: (male ,female, etc.)

Age: (over 17 please)

Appearance: (picture or description

Biography: (background on your characters history)

sides: (basically this is jack's side trying to get back at his brother and get his revenge or his brothers, who is in general a bad person who's done a lot of things to a lot of people.)

weapon: (try to stick to some thing modern)
Need some one to play the brother. This rp is based on the play antigone the basics of the rp is to try to get control of the illegal delivery service so to speak, your either on jack's side or his brother's who is in current control. I will be posting my sign up sheet later.

this is my first rp in a while so bare with me please.
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Guest blooming
Name:sparkle keshizokia



Appearance:a hot pink sleevless shirt with a hot pink mini skirt.Long golden glossy straight hair thats goes down to her feet

Biography:her parents were killed at birth at birth she was left to fend off the world with her brother they made it on there own till they were ten then a fighting facility took them in and just brushed up there moves now they areout to avenge their their parents death

sides:jacks side

weapon:a double sided sword and a speacily made sword
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