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Sign Up The Plage [M-LVS]


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they had come they were few at first but when they started to infest and take hosts they started to breed the plage were now numerous and were scourging the galaxy of all remaining life in the galaxy there were 7 sectors #1 alpha sector #2 beta sector #3 omega sector # 4 toriox sector
#5 lymaid sector #6 talon sector #7 arthadox sector

a mortar blew a hole in bunker #5 the plage were coming prowler fired off 3 rounds out into the endless ranks of the plage the bunker was going to fall,nobody there was in good condition and the way the bunker looked right know it was amazing it was still standing. the commander called out to the terran marines to duck as another plage mortar hit the side of the bunker killing three terrans the plage had an average size of about 6'5 and had tenticules on the right arm from the elbow down and on the other arm claws.the plage had recently taken all the planets in this sector arthadow and were about to take koadion the planet prowler was on, this was the last defendable planet until earth all sectors were already take except arthodox and alpha sector they were screwed the once fast colonies of the terrans and humans were now nothing but a few planets and about 19 colonys prowler was about 5'11 black hair and green eyes he weighd about 160 pounds and was 17 he was an average grunt for the terran marines.
terran batalion 339 was supposed to already be here to back them up but unfortunatly there were only about 300 men spread out all threw the soronding countryside by the city korin batalion 339 was supposed to be coming from the city barracks but prowler didnt know what had happend to them for all he new the city had already been taken and the bunkers were doomed.

ok in the rp i want at first the leader of 339 battalion telling the story that they were being held down in the city korin and how they made there way twards bunker #5 a map will be put on as an attachment and i also want a plage alpha male leading the asualt on bunker #5 and the asualt on battalion 339 i want at least a couple humans and tarran marines to be in the fight to make it interesting if you want a speacial character Im me

character sheet sign up will look like this

age: 14-45
race:terran human or plage
rank: Private,alpha male ,attalion leader , major,
apperance: pic or disciption
weapon: 2 weapons try to make them futuristic but i still want them to use bullits.
cloths/battle armor: battle armor or civilion clothing explain what each look like
personality: at least 3 sentances
character snipet: 1 paragraph
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