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Year: 1020 B.C Anicent Egypt

[B]?My final wish Genie?s [/B] a man in a royal garmets all jewl encrusted as 7 genie?s were bowing at him 4 boy and 3 girl genies
[B] I want you to sleep and only wake until my heir?s generation is born and hopefully my Heir finds all 5 of you and rules the world just like I have?[/B] The Genie Pharoah said as the 7 Genies bowed and glowed as the vessles glowed they were all different.

The Red Genie?s lamp was a crystal flame glass made out of ruby it flew off heading for South America.
The Blue Genie?s lamp was a Teardrop shape lamp made out of Saphire and headed towards Europe.
The Gold Genie?s lamp a regular lamp made of gold as it spun around heading around still heading for another location in Egypt.
The Lavander Genie?s Lamp was a flowing long bottle made of Velvet and Crystal with lovely curves headed for North America. (Taken by DigiX, Me)
The White Genie?s Lamp was a snowflake shape lamp made of Diamond as it headed for Russia.
The Green Genie?s lamp was a leaf shape made of emerald as it headed for Japan.
The Black Genie?s lamp was an orb shape made of opal and it headed for The South Pole.

Year: 1997 Los Angelous, California

A young surfer girl finished a swell her name was Cleo she was half Egyptian but not an heir of the great pharoh but the genie?s didn?t notice her misrepresentation the Lavander lamp glowed and shot up out of the sands of the beach blowing sand in all direction then landed on the ground at her feet
[B] ?huh what?s that looks like a Lamp or a bong pipe better turn it in to the cops [/B] she grabbed the lamp
[B]?man this things covered in sand better brush it off?[/B] she said taking her towel brushing off some of the sand there was a flash of light and a young women stood before her garbbed in velvet clothes and a purple tanktop and baggy pant
[B]?Master I am yours to command?[/B] the genie said
[B] What the?! Who are you? [/B] the girl said
[B] ?Why master I am Lacuna the genie at your service[/B] the genie said smiling bowing floating up and shrinking
Oui! What have I gotten myself into! The girl thought sighing as Lacuna followed
So Baically your one of the genie?s or one of the people who have a genie or both and you use your genie?s powers for whatever you want good or evil selfish or charitable but there are certain restritions

Genie Rules
No controlling people?s wills
No Bringing people back from the dead
Each genie grants unlimited wishes but all require payment
Red- Food
Blue- Life Force
Gold- Money
Lavander ? none but none of the wishes can be selfish wishes (Taken by Digix, Me)
White- Life force (he becomes more human person becomes more genie)
Green- Toys (is the youngest of the genies)
Black- Soul (you become his slave)
Here is the Bio

Human or Genie (will only except 6 genies)
One thing you?d wish for

Only 2 chars per person
Only 1 genie per sign up

I will start when I have a postion for each genie that?s 6 sign ups
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Guest blooming
Name:sparkle kenshiana
Human or Genie:human
Locationwhat does this mean?)tropics
Occupation:manager(controls a whole mall
Appearance:a hot pink sleevless belly top with a hot pink mini skirt.long golden glossy straight hair down to her feet
Attitude:Popular and nice
History:her father was killed when she was a baby and her mother was a queen so shes supposed to be a princess but she ran away when she was 8 to get away from the royal life style.She wants to be free from the royal life but she cant get away from it.Everyone likes her but she only likes her best buds.
One thing you?d wish for:to have fredom
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