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[size=1]Howdy, Arty-types. I was just wondering if any of you lovely lovely people could possibly make me a new set, using the attached picture.

The avatar should just be Dwighty-boy's face, possibly with a border around the whole thing.

The banner should just be Dwighty-boy again, with the words: "The Big, Fat Kill" on it, possibly in the Sin City typeface, if you can get hold of it at all. If not, then just something that kinda fits in with the whole feel of the set. Use your imaginations.

And also, I don't want my username on the banner or the avatar, so just leave it off.

Thank you very much in advance, you are all lovely people and I love you.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Umm what can i say... sin city rocks and this is the result when I become stressed out about my final exam and burn my chemistry txt books.
*cough* anyways, this was just me stuffing around. If anything needs changing dont hesitate to ask....yes i know i made too many.
*wishes she had photo shop*[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][Sin 1][/COLOR]


[COLOR=RoyalBlue][Sin 2][/COLOR]


[COLOR=RoyalBlue][Sin 3][/COLOR]



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[size=1]Thankee kindly, Illusion. 'Tis a great favour you have done me.

If you love Sin City, check out my Sin City RP in the Inn. It's the reason why I wanted this set.

Thank you again, I'm loving them.
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