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Guest flamesforfun
Name: Alex (Flame)

Age: 17

Discription: Alex has 4 sisters, she is the oldest of them all and they have all just found out that they are witches. She has Fire Power and can read minds she can do just about anything that has to do with fire she can blow things up, and even move things with her new powers ... only, she can't always control it.

Gender: Female

"Alex!" I heard Brent call after me, but i didn't turn, my face was turning red.
'I have no idea how that happened.' I thought to myself, I felt a hand land hard on my shoulder and turn me around. "What?!" I said to Brent as he stared at me in confusion.
"What the hell just happened in there???" He spoke firmly. I could tell that he was kind of freaking out. I wanted to say 'I don't know and I'm just as scared as you are' but i couldn't.
"The clock caught fire in science, what did it look like to you?" I was playing dumb, so what if i wasn't heading to the Cafiteria, so what if there was only 15 minutes of lunch left. I wasn't exactly "hungry" anymore.
"No Duh! But you were yelling about being late to lunch, you were pointing at the clock, it caught fire and you ran out of the room. Your not even on your way to the Cafiteria" Crap! he noticed. "And now you look like your about to cry. How did you light the clock on fire, you weren't anywhere near it?"
"I DON'T KNOW! i mean, it must have been someone else... right? Like you said, I wasn't any where near it." I fought back the tears. I was really scared but this was probably just some crazy coinsadance, it wasn't worth embarassing myself about. Not infront of at least 300 kids.
"How about we go home for lunch. We only have study hall after this,so we can skip that and have about an hour. We can talk there, away from all these people." Brent and I lived together. We were roommates. My sisters lived with my dad but were at our apartment alot. We had seperate rooms and he was my boyfriend, but we were very responsible. We also both have jobs at the same Pizza Parlor.
"Okay." I answered, just incase i couldn't fight the tears, at least i'd be somewhere safe. "Let's go." We headed out to my car. I blinked my eyes to see if my eyes were just playing tricks on me. Nope, all my sisters were standing there right next to my car, staring at Brent and me. That wasn't even the weirdest part, one sister had an ice cube in one hand, another had a flower, and one of the twins hair was really messed up. The other twin was just standing next to them all in amazement, that's when she jumped, hoovered for a moment and landed gently on the ground, she could levatate.
"What the hell." I heard Brent whisper under his breath. It wasn't even as if he was asking a question, more like a statement. I instantly could hear all of there thoughts, and they were all thinking the same thing. "So, what's your power, sis?" and that's when I blacked out. What, you would faint too if you had just realized you had fire powers and could read your sister's minds.
"Alex?" I heard Brent talking to me, and opened my eyes. We were all in my apartment. At first I thought I had just had a really crazy dream, then i saw all my sisters. Andi's ice cube was beginning to melt. It looked like it used to be in the shape of a flamingo. "Are you okay? Honey, do you know where you are, do you know what your name is?"
"Of course I know what my name is stupid, i'm not dead or anything, I just have a little head ache." I looked at the twins. When one of them made the sarcastic comment of; 'yup, that's her.' then Andi smacked her in the back of the head.
"Shut up retard!" Andi was the second oldest, and was always hanging out with me (I am the oldest).
"We all have powers, don't we?" Pouted Erin. She was one of the twins. The youngest sister, only 15. She was only younger than Sara by 12 seconds. We all looked at her, and then I heard them all think again, 'yea, we do'.
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Guest flamesforfun
"Okay, is anybody else hearing your thoughts, or is it just me...?" I stared at all of them, none of them knew what I was talking about. "Nope, none of you can." I looked around me, I was still laying on the floor, Brent and my sisters just standing around me, looking down, not knowing what the hell i was talking about.
"What?" Andi and Erin said in unison. They were both very surprised. i could tell that they all wanted me to say it out loud. They still didn't know what my "power" was.
"Yeah, I can read all your minds." That was the best way i could put it. "I also think I can light fires... because, well, today when you guys saw me out side, Brent and I were escaping weird glares after i lit my science class clock on fire." They all started to laugh. What was this? Some kind of joke?
"You lit the clock on fire?" Sara giggled out.
"It's Not Funny!!!" I screamed. They had no idea how crappy i felt after that happened. How scared, and angry. And then they all suddenly stopped, my trash-can blew up. "Ahh!!" I yelped, then the chair blew up. I began to bawl. "What is happening to me?!"
"I guess you can blow things up now, too." Brent has a thing about stating the obvious. He's prone to it.
"Yeah, I guess so!" I sobbed. What was wrong with me? Why me, why now? I didn't ask for these powers, I just wanted them to go away.
"He didn't mean any harm by it." Andi was a firm speaker, almost the voice of reason. I hated my father, he was always keeping something from me. Also, he would never tell me how my mother died, that's why i moved out. Andi on the other hand always let us know how the others looked up to us and that we shouldn't fight in front of them. She was, of coarse, right. So know when she speaks, I listen.
"I know, your right. I'm sorry Brent. I really shouldn't have yelled at you, i'm just, [I]really [/I] frustrated. If you couldn't already tell." Then we all giggled a moment. When we were done laughing, we all looked at each other. "It's time for us to figure this out, somebody bring me a chair please." I began to stand up, and before anyone could grab a chair, my head hurt and one slip over to me. "Wow! I think I could get used to this." I sat down. We needed to know what was going on, and fast.
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