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Final Fantasy dawn of the Assassins (rated ms-lv)


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This Story may contain violence ,sexual content,and blood

In the year 3015, the fiend empire has return with there evil lord delacroix every faction tried to stop them like the


the fiends were too strong for the three factions untill one day an uknown group of pepole came in and helped the three factions but it didn't seem to work as three main cities were decimated by the fiends eventually the factions joined up toghther and defeated the fiends but one day they will return..in this the character will join up together fight the fiends once they return.

description:picor paragraph
transformation:pic description

Okay i will start this up when iget some people
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Guest blooming
i dont know anything about final fantasy but ill sign up anyways
Name:ishizio masayama
height:about 5foot 7
weapon:two double sided swords and two samurai swords
personailty:mostly a loner but the few people she does care about she cares gravely for them
descriptionicor paragraph:she stood at the edge of a lake.someone came up to her and she didnt care."will you join our group?"the person asked."no"is all ishizio masayama said."ok well thanks any way"the person said."never thought i would see you here!"said neoko ishizio best bud."ok you caught me i like looking at the lake"ishizio said to her best bud.they sat in silence for a while the leoko spoke up."i have to tell you something ishizio"she paused for a few minutes then continued "your mom died today"neoko said."i know neoko thats why im out here looking at the lake"ishizio said."ok well by ishizio i gotta run and study for my test tomorrow"said neoko as she ran towards her house.
faction:Grand Knights(is that ok?)
styleoffighting:just start fighting for what she cares for and if someone she cares for is in danger her agressive fighting will step up and control her and she will stop at nothing until her friend or family is not in danger anymore
transformationic description:she wears a long dark blue cloak that has a hood and she wears all the time except when fighting.when fighting she takes it off to reveal a black halter belly top and a black mini skirt.
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[COLOR=Blue]Name: Neko
age: 19
height: 5'6
weight: 117
weapon: samurai sword
personailty: Very quiet and shy. She only speaks when she feels strongly about something or when she feels it is nessescary.
description: [URL=http://stonie.demon.nl/missknorretje/images/Anime/Elf/Anime_Elf_3.jpg]Neko[/URL]
faction: Bloody Shadows
style of fighting: samurai
sex: female
transformationic description: [URL=http://www.mellowfx2.com/gallery/albums/Stuff-In-general/anime_neko_girl.jpg]Neko[/URL][/COLOR]
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