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Request Conor Oberst Banner


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I've been trying to make a few banners and avatars, and I haven't really made anything I like. So, I'm going request one for this picture.

These are just suggestions and what I would like. You can improvise or do something totally different though. I'm not hard to please.

For the avatar, I just want Conor Oberst, the guy in the picture, to be on it. Maybe so he's aligned to the right. No text is need, and I just want a white and black border.

For the banner, I want the scooter, the lime green blurry thing in the background. Also, I would like it aligned to the left. A normal white and black border is fine also. I also want this as the text-

And you said, "This is the first day of my life.
I?m glad I didn?t die before I met you.
Now I don?t care I could go anywhere with you
And I?d probably be happy"

Maybe in a font that resembles cursive, but I want it aligned to the right.
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[font=georgia][size=1]I had nothing to do, saw the post, and it doesn't seem to hard, so I gave my go.


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