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Thank You For Smoking

Dragon Warrior

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Well, I was basically not sure what this movie was about when I went to see it. This is a good thing in several different ways. [b]1)[/b], I won't know what to expect, so I can't be uninterested in it, and [b]2)[/b], I can't be excited to see it. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyment to see. I mean, it was funny, well-written, creativity portrayed, everything! Hoorah for independent films!

The movie follows Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart), the chief spokesman of Big Tobacco and basically his job is to spin the lies into truth to make his company and the industry of tobacco look good. Nevertheless, he's still trying to keep in good graces with his twelve-year-old son, who lives with his mother (Nick's ex-wife). The real charm comes from Eckhart's performance as this character Nick Naylor and his continuous schemes to get out of looking bad to everyone even if defending tobacco is one of the toughest jobs around. I mainly enjoyed seeing how Nick attempted to trump whatever people threw at him, including the Senator of Vermont (William H. Macy), who is constantly out to get Naylor.

These are the kind of productions that make independent film-making an amazing and creative way of life. More often than not, I find more creativity formed from independent films than actual films made by big corporations. ([u]Napoleon Dynamite[/u] is a shining example). I can't seem to find the right words to explain what I mean, but it's true.

Having said that, I must say it was a good choice on my behalf to go see this instead of the other movies playing. I extremely enjoyed it and I fully suggest you all see it too.
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