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Request Gundam SEED Avatar/Banner


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[SIZE=1]Hi again. With Gundam SEED Destiny making a lot of news in the anime world, I'd like to make a request; I'd like a banner and avatar of Andrew Waltfeld, the Desert Tiger, of the ZAFT forces and a well known character in the CE Universe.

I have no real specifics--it can be from SEED or Destiny, Pre or Post battle with Kira. My only requirement is that I'd like the banner to feature a picture of him with a cup of coffee, and the question 'Coffee, anyone?' on it.

A possible picture is this:[URL=http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d101/Stark-San/AndyCoffee.jpg]Click![/URL] Though, I give creative liscence to the artists here.

The rest I leave to who ever takes this on. Thank you in advance![/SIZE]
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I like coffee. X3

So, finding images of this coffee-loving Gundam guy is really difficult. Finding ones with coffee is about impossible. And with that...I had to improvise.

I did utilize the imag you provided, fixing it up a little bit. And since Andrew likes coffee, I slapped on a picture of a coffee mug. ^^;;

Hmm, do you like bright colors...?

Not much here either, but it works.

And for your info, I drank about two mugs (four cups) of coffee while making this. XD I can't think...meep...o.o;;

If you want anything changed, just say the word~![/size][/color]
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I didn't realize how difficult it would be finding images of Andy until after I made the request. Surprisingly, it's difficult to find decent images of characters from SEED unless they're the main characters or very popular. So, I've dubbed Andy the anomaly, because they brought him back because of his popularity and the fact that he's one of the coolest adults in the series.

The amount of pics availiable don't support that idea, so I don't know what to think.

I love the banner and avi, Katana, and I couldn't have asked for a better set. I'm sure all of that coffee you drank helped. In fact, I'll go make myself a mug.

Thank you ![/SIZE]
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