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Art My Turn (Photos and Art)


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Ok so...I'd feel really guilty if I just posted my art/photos without taking a look at some other people's post. *and I did!* Whether or not I put enough effort... :animeswea But yes! *drum roll* Now I will request for you lovely otakuatboardians to critique my art/photos!

p.s > I take commisions *twiddles thumbs*


A lot of these are original chars...Ok well, they all are. Including my characters from different mmorpgs I've played in the past. =)









Taken around my neighbourhood. :animeswea




[url]http://star.yamifarao.net/photos/buttfoods.jpg[/url] < This is funny.



Ok, that's all ready enough to view as is XD. These are all from my personal website...just, fyi.

Comments are appreciated! Thankyou!
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[size=1]Mellow, please elaborate on what you like and dislike. Just saying it looks "abstract and beautiful" helps no one. [i]What about it makes it look abstract and beautiful? Is there anything that could be changed to make it look better?[/i] Ask yourself those questions while critiquing someone's work.

Everyone should be reading the Art Studio Rules before posting. Keep this in mind. Thanks.[/size]
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For the traditional art, I can't say much but when coloring, try to smooth out/blend the colors into the paper. :) But it seems you are pretty good with proportions of the body
For the photography, the first one and second ones are really amazing. They just totally blew me away. You should take more photos like that. X]
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A new pic that I did recently that I really hope to get feedback on:


This (above) is the sketch, I plan on inking it and using markers to colour it in, but, I got bored and used photoshop to play around with it a bit.


Thank you for all your comments ^_^ I hope I can get some feedback on these ones too.
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