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Guest blooming
After defeating the Darkness, the scouts of Earth decided a vacation would make for a great reward. However, a new evil began to arise. A new Queen of Darkness grew to power, her strength becoming greater than that of her predecessor.

Suddenly, the sky started to turn dark. It had been a perfectly sunny day and the scouts wondered why the sky had changed so quickly.

Rini turned to Serena asking, ''What?s going on?'' No sooner had the words escaped the girl, the queen of all scouts came down to Earth.

''There is a new evil rising to full strength.'' Queen Solaris said in her angelic voice

''She will be easy to beat, right guys?'' asked Serena.

''Right!'' replied the rest of the scouts but the queen shook her head and said, ''This one is even more powerful than the last was. For this mission you will meet new scouts. Some are super scouts some are not, but one thing you need to know...? she paused for a long time ''There are dark sailor scouts of each and every one of you.?

?WHAT?!? yelled all the scouts.

As the girls returned to fighting evil, they came across a scout they had met in the park earlier.

"Hey, I know,? Sailor Mars exclaimed, ?You?re that new girl in town, Hoshiko Kaniana, right?"

"Yeah," Hoshiko replied, "but in scout form I?m known as Sailor Dreams!?

"You?re the best sailor scout?" Sailor Moon asked in surprise.

"Nope, sorry I?m her little sister," said Sailor Dreams. Just then Sailor Dreamy appeared. "Dreams, where have you been?? Sailor Dreamy asked, ?I?ve been looking for you!"
heres the form to fill out
age(must be atleast 12 to be a scout):
sailor outfit:
rank of scout:
side(either queen solaris or darkness the evil queen of darkness):
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